Reading Strategies for Primary Learners

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Reading is an important skill that we all use in our daily activities. On a daily basis, we read books, newspapers, messages, emails, etc. Reading is not only recommended for academic success but is used for achievement in all phases of life. Reading is a challenging skill that several kids struggle at the early age of their school life.

Here are a few strategies about how to improve reading habits in kids:

  • Try to teach kids how to read by making a practice of reading daily for 30-40 min which may be either a novel, story books, jokes, etc.

  • There are a ton of products available both in the market and in online stores. These products include poems, passages and lot more exercises which can help kids to gain more interest towards reading.
  • As reading is a pleasant habit, try to encourage kids to read more rather than spending all their extra time in playing. Make reading newspapers a daily routine. By doing this, kids not only improve their reading skill but also enhances their vocabulary, gain more general knowledge, etc.
  • Show your involvement with kids’ activities. Listen to them, solve their queries and try to give them as much as information as you can. For example: If a kid is reading about the human body topic. Share some interesting facts about the human brain, heart, etc.
  • Practice by telling stories from their own storybooks and take them to the library, show them about the different books arranged on different shelves and give them the complete advantages of reading books.
  • To improve reading habits in kids present them worksheets, colorful charts, pictures and drawings about fruits, flowers, animals, etc.
  • The best way to improve reading habits in kids is by giving them the advantages of reading, benefits of books, etc. Always read along with kids and explain about the topic so that kids get interested in reading and learn more quickly.
  • Try to understand what exactly the kid prefers to read. Be stern; do not allow the kid to play or to watch their favorite cartoon show until they have finished with their daily reading. To gain their attention, try to play some audio-video animated DVD’s related to their curriculum.
  • Encourage your kids to ask more doubts. As children of the younger age are more curious about their living environment. Many questions arise in their small brain about how rain is formed, how plants grow into a tree, how water exists in tender coconut, etc. Teach them the importance of plants, and how they grow. For more detailed information, parents can also show some live YouTube videos about the photosynthesis process, water cycle, etc.
  • The child always follows what their elders do, so read the newspaper, books, magazines in front of your kid to improve their ability and interest towards reading.

These were few strategies about how to improve reading habits in primary learners.

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