For Parents Regarding Educational Websites for Kids

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Above are some great educational websites for kids!  You’ll soon find that as you spend time with your child, watching them explore, attempt, adjust, and succeed, at these educational games just how much your child will come to love them!  These games, puzzles, brainteasers, word searches, explorations, and videos were created by leading educational companies (and some, by teachers themselves) who designed interactive educational tools to help kids learn information faster.  Not only


Your child will need time to explore all of the amazing sites above, so give them some time to do that.  If your child is the kind, however, that tends to scan a few bits of information and then declares that EVERYTHING is boring, you’ll definitely want to try a different approach.  To get them started, sit down with them and play the first game together.  May I suggest the City-Builder Game?  It’s by far one of my favorites because it causes children to think about the long-term effects of their decisions.  Even if they are not accustomed to doing so, they will soon be, because they must do so in order to succeed.

Attempting & Adjusting

This is by far the most important aspect of the learning process.  It is absolutely necessary that you allow your child to attempt a few things that you might not suggest so that they can get the hang of how it is played.  Still, sometimes giving a brief explanation as to how to make the decision (what the consequences are for different choices), may give them the boost they need in order to succeed sooner.

Only you know your child, and which method would work best for them, but remember that learning does not really take place until the child has the opportunity to see firsthand the consequences of the choices they make.  Let them attempt and adjust, and in the end, you’ll both be happier for it!


Once your child has learned to adjust choices and actions in order to master their game or strategy, then you will find that your child truly begins to love these games!  Now, it will be time for a match between you and your child.  Ask them when they will be ready for the challenge of playing against you.  For some of you, this may be entirely new, but just be sure to get clear instructions from your child before beginning.

However, if you love a challenge, you could begin right away and learn along the way!  (This might be their chance for a first great win before you master the game).  At any rate, be sure to have a FUN time with your child during the match!  You’ll look back on it years later and be glad that this time was well spent with your child!

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