The Importance of Play Based in Preschool

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Anyone who enters the preschool class can notice a small kitchen with pretence filled to the brim with pots, pans, dressed up clothes, mock food, plastic cups and plates. This is what is known as a play based preschool hong kong centre – an area of ​​learning that plays a vital role in preschool education.

So, what does a pre-school or kindergarten need to realize the ideal of learning based on the game? Today, many people think that giving a small child a smartphone or tablet is “learning the game,” but of course it is not. Yes, young children need to take time to work with technology, but this is only part of the picture.

As a preschool teacher, I often had to regulate a play centre more than others in my class. This happens mainly because next to the playground. Apparently, this is the most popular place for children of this age. Spend an hour in the preschool class, and you will also notice that children of this age tend to flock to this centre — more than most others.

The play game offers many learning opportunities and is based on the fundamental aspect of preschool education – children of this age mostly learn through the game. A child who is exploring outer space, a feigned telescope, a keyboard and an old cell phone are functioning as the command centre for their spaceship – which is about to fly to the moon! In the same way, learning about nutrition, children in the play game centre can pretend that they cook healthy food from mock food, and then enjoy it with their friends. Dressing clothes, wigs, hats and props offer another great treat for children in preschool. These items enable the learners to turn into the clowns, the rock stars, the carpenters, the doctors or the cops. There is nothing more enjoyable for a preschooler than to watch yourself in the mirror when they turn into different characters.

Despite its popularity among children, the importance of play games in early childhood is probably not emphasized as strongly as it should. Currently, in the field of education, more and more attention is paid to reading and mathematics, as standards are becoming higher and expectations are rising. National testing standards put more pressure than ever on children and teachers, and this pressure is beginning to show itself in kindergarten. As a result, preschool education is apparently one of the last cases in the lives of young children, where they can genuinely learn by exploring and playing. This is a place where their imagination is cultivated through their creativity. As adults, parents and educators, we must be advocates for children, especially young children. It would be a mistake to undermine the importance of the playgroup fanling. If you haven’t already done so, spend an hour or two in the preschool class, and you will undoubtedly agree.

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