What to Consider When Choosing a Boarding School for Your Child

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Did you know that students at boarding schools have a higher rate of success? If you want to learn how to choose a boarding school, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find the best boarding schools.

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Make a Wish List

Before searching for boarding schools, sit down with your child, and brainstorm together. You should include all your concerns and hopes for the boarding school experience.

Write everything down. Don’t worry about whether a particular boarding school will capture everything.

Instead, use the guide to help you determine what some must-have items are. Also, you can use this guide to decide what you’d like to avoid.

Consider things like class and school size. What’s the distance from home, the location of the school, and the cost?

Learn more about the extra-curricular activities and different specializations the school offers.

Do you have a personal connection to the boarding school? Is the school diverse? Does it have a spiritual affiliation, and what’s the mission and philosophy statement?

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Read More About the Philosophy of the School

A boarding school’s mission statement will reflect the school’s goals and values.

The statement is what the school uses to make decisions. It’s also a great place to start during your search to narrow down your list and learn more about the values.

In the early stages of your search, you’ll want to read the mission statement. Reflect on whether the mission statement aligns with the values you have as a family.

Read about the teaching methodology and curriculum materials. Learn more about the grading, mentoring, test-taking, homework, and long-term learning goals.

History and traditions will shape how a school approaches community, uniforms, and more.

What Is the Academic Focus and Specialization?

A specific academic focus is a top reason to seek an independent school.

Narrow down your choices. Make a shortlist featuring the sciences, performing arts classes, and advanced placement classes.

Another draw to boarding schools in the athletic facilities. When you go to the campus, try to look at the athletic facilities as well.

Is there a specific facility that the school highlights? What’s in place to encourage students to use these facilities?

Is there college counseling or mentorship with teachers? What about independent study projects and international partnerships with professors and other schools?

Community and Social Life

For a boarding school to be a great experience, you’ll have two things working together. A student needs to know their teachers and have a friend group.

Teachers will overlap in a student’s schedule. Teachers will instruct in class, coach on the soccer field, and support the students on the campus.

Also, teachers will mentor students. The student will feel included and well-known.

Boarding schools tend to offer a wide range of programs. Students can explore their identity, passions, and spirituality.

Reviews and Rankings

Make sure you search online to see how people rank and review the boarding schools.

Also, ask your network if they have any recommendations. A relative or co-worker might have a glowing review of a boarding school.

Don’t rely only on the advice of strangers or your network. Go to the boarding school to see for yourself.

You should visit the school for an in-person interview. The interview is an essential step to get a sense of the school beyond what you read online.

Talk to Current and Former Students

Ask to speak to past and present students. Find out what they think about their educational experience. Do alumni believe the boarding school prepared them for college and adult life?

See if you can speak to some parents as well. Do the parents feel they received good value for the cost of tuition?

Diverse Community

Look for a school that has students from different cultural backgrounds.

Your child can get exposed to cultural traditions, languages, and different lifestyles. Your child will expand their understanding and knowledge of the world.

Get Ready for the Campus Tour

One essential part of the process is the campus tour. An overnight visit will help you and your child get a better view of daily life at the school.

Make sure you observe the school community. Do the students greet one another, and do they welcome you on the way to class?

What about the classrooms? How engaged are the students during the lesson? What kind of discussion is occurring?

Find out how schools will communicate throughout the year. With housing, will your child have access to help and supervision?

Make sure you tour specific facilities according to your child’s focus. Check out the art room or the athletic facilities. What student events or groups get held throughout the year?

If your child has a medical emergency, where will they need to go? Does the cafeteria offer a variety of food for those with dietary restrictions?

Ask as many questions as possible during the tour.

Now You Know More About How to Choose a Boarding School

We hope this guide on boarding school was helpful. Now that you know what to look for start making a list with your child. You can decide on your must-haves. Talk to alumni and current students, as well.

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