5 Hurdles that Preschools Commonly Face

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American schools face a lot of problems in the modern world. Dwindling tax bases and shrinking funds from federal and local governments make it difficult for schools to provide the best possible education in some parts of the country. There are unique problems that face preschools in America as they try to prepare the nation’s youngest generations for a successful elementary and secondary education. These are some of the common hurdles facing preschools in Highpoint, NC and other parts of the country.



No individual or group can simply open a preschool and start accepting students. Highpoint, NC and each individual state have strict licensure requirements for day care centers, including preschools. Failure to comply with those requirements can result in financial penalties and even closure of the facility in extreme cases. Licensing requires completion of orientation classes in some states, and adherence to those requirements is often judged using surprise inspections.


Nearly every state in the US has a staff-to-child ratio that must be strictly followed. This is not only for the safety of the children, but the best interest of the staff to ensure they are not overworked and stressed. Additionally, in a preschool setting, individual teachers have to meet educational requirements in order to teach. Leaders in preschools often have to meet even higher educational requirements, such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education.

Effective Communication and Trust

Children are the most precious gift any parent, in Highpoint, NC or anywhere, will ever receive. When entrusting that child at such a young age to preschools and their staff, it is vital that effective forms of communication and trust are established. Parents need to know that their children are safe, so it is critical for facility leaders to not only develop and implement effective communication, but also train other staff in maintaining a quality of level communication between the facility and the parents.

Incident Reporting

Children, especially little children, are prone to bumps and bruises. Preschools have a responsibility to use effective communication tools to ensure that parents know why a child comes home with a new bruise or other injury. More importantly, preschool teachers and other day care workers are mandated reporters of child abuse. This includes the potential of reporting abuse from parents and guardians. In this latter case, preschools have a responsibility to report suspected cases of abuse and/or neglect to the proper agencies, or the preschool could be held criminally liable.

Health and Vitality

For better or worse, schools can be germ factories. With so many little children, whose personal hygiene routine isn’t exactly stellar, in one room it is not uncommon for illnesses and viruses to pass quickly through an entire facility. This can result in healthy children getting sick, and requiring parents to miss time at work. More important to the facility, sick children can get staff sick and pose staffing issues.


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