Hinkler – The Best Children’s Book Publisher In Australia

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Reading should not be limited to boring books. There are now books on the market that can definitely catch your child’s’ attention. Hinkler and Australian Book Publisher provides the most fun and entertaining books for children of all ages. Since 1994, they are committed to continuing the legacy of bedtime stories and after school book activities.

Hinkler Children’s Books

Hinkler has a wide variety of childrens books. It is categorized accordingly depending on the age and the activity. There are color and activity books, Learning How To Draw, DIY For Kids, Bedtime Stories for Toddlers, Children and Preschoolers, and so much more! They even have different parenting books. If you love books and you want your children to enjoy them as much as you do, it’s time to get one from Hinkler.

The NEW Children’s Books From Hinkler

As mentioned above, Hinkler has a huge catalog of children’s books. These are perfect for children who are 6 to 12 years old. All of the books from Hinkler are proven to be effective in capturing your child’s’ interest in reading and learning. So here are the best children’s books published by Hinkler.

  • My School Years Journal. This book was published in November of 2017, which is a hardback 52-page activity book. This is designed for children from preschool up to 12 years old. This activity book lets your child express and shares their experiences all throughout the school year. This includes school reports and has activities like finger paintings.
  • My Illustrated Library. This is one of the newest children’s books from Hinkler. It is time to discover the secrets of the animal kingdom, the outer space, and the Earth. This hardback 32-paged books can definitely bring you and your child to another world of fun and learning.
  • My Illustrated Library: Discover Stars and Planets
  • My Illustrated Library: Discover Wild Animals
  • My Illustrated Library: Discover Planet Eart
  • Harriet Clare. Authored by Louise Park, the Harriet Clare books are specifically created to draw the attention of even the most reluctant reader in the family. This has amazing drawings and well-illustrated texts. The books also include sketching activities that can encourage your child’s ability to problem solve, improve self-awareness and show empathy to others.
  • Harriet Clare #1 – Pinkie Swear
  • Harriet Clare #2 – Boys Beware
  • Harriet Clare #3 – Concert Scare
  • Harriet Clare #4 – Camp Bugbear
  • Harriet Clare #5 – Mystery Dare
  • Harriet Clare #6 – Christmas Fair

At this modern age, children are more inclined to gadgets and technology. According to research, 9 out 10 parents confess that they can seldom see their children open a book and read. This number is quite alarming. Reading is one of the most effective ways to learn. As parents, teaching the habit of reading is very important.

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