How to Get a High School Diploma Through Homeschooling Online

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You want to get a high school education but attending a traditional school is not for you. Never worry because James Madison High School (JMHS) knows exactly what you need with its homeschooling online program. Their nationally and regionally accredited homeschooling online includes engaging study materials which are aligned to the Common Core State Standards in the subject matters of Math and English.

With its high standard, the homeschool curriculum of JMHS is as a top choice among homeschooling programs offered online and is designed to allow students to thrive in their academic careers.

JMHS Online Homeschooling Approach

The homeschool online program is DEAC nationally accredited and SACS CASI regionally accredited. It covers 9th grade up to the 12th grade. All courses are delivered online through interactive eBooks. They have optional companion printed textbooks developed for each course offered. Take into account that these textbooks come with an additional fee. Students under this program are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace following their personal learning routine. Their one-of-a-kind academic support is available through the collaboration of their instruction team with every student and guardian or parent. Live teacher-instructed lessons are available for the interested students on a weekly basis.

State-Certified Teachers Ensure Success

JMHS employs state-certified teachers in every course to interact with their students through email, discussion forums, live chat, and other platforms. Students along with their parents are encouraged to converse and interact with their academic advisors and teachers online, over the phone, or through email. Students are assigned to a learning advocate upon enrollment. Learning advocates cater personal issues, give guidance and advice, and to answer questions of the students.

Parent Engagement in Secondary Education

JMHS encourages parents to regularly take part in the affairs of their children. Parents can also access the personal and confidential Student Portal of the students. This allows them to get information on the lessons their children learn, interact with their advisors and teachers, and monitor their grades. Students, teachers, advisors, and parents collaborate to make the homeschooling online high school education effective.

Flexibility, Accreditation, and Affordability

JMHS is proud to provide their students with a cost-effective, accredited, and very flexible high school homeschooling online like no other. You will have an option to select the College Prep Diploma, the General Diploma, or individual courses. These courses are available at their competitive price with a monthly tuition that allows you to begin your distance learning with a small deposit. JMHS sees to it that getting started in their online homeschooling program will be as easy as you would want and expect.

If you are a parent, you already know what is best for your high school child. Let JMHS help you nurture his or her academics with their own high school homeschooling program. JMHS will be happy to guide every child’s high school education.

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