How SAS Training Drives Growth in the New Age Digital Marketplace

SAS training is a quintessential portfolio recommended by leading Cloud and SaaS providers looking to grow their business teams with data scientists, analysts and researchers.

In this article, we suggest 5 key technical areas where SAS Training truly drives growth for businesses and individual professionals in the new age digital marketplaces.

  • Edge Computing

SAS analytics has pledged their mission to provide predictive intelligence everywhere. Using Edge Computing in Operations, SAS experts can provide convenient services across many existing Cloud infrastructure. Today, with SAS, Edge Computing has become smarter – powered by faster processing speeds and larger Cloud storage capabilities.

Edge Computing is evolving with each passing day—meaning we expect to see powerful and reliable IT architecture with decentralized processing power that would include capabilities from Fog Computing as well.

  • IoT and Customer Experience

As we move the ball on Edge faster than ever before, we expect to see SAS Analytics teams becoming the driving force behind 5G adoption. Mobile Computing powered by IoT demands and Customer Experience models would become the norm for all major Fortune 100 Companies.

The adoption of IoT and Customer Experience empower Marketers to deliver connected consumer touchpoints. This is the crux of all major businesses carried out digitally, such as Retail, CPG, E-commerce, Mobile, Automobile, Banking and Finance and Healthcare.

  • Machine Learning Analytics

The kind of data that all businesses play with today makes the digital marketplace very competitive. It’s nice to have data—but, not cool if your analytics is failing behind the league. Machine Learning analytics makes data to perform and adjust to modern customer needs. Basically, Machine Learning analytics takes the gut and guesswork out of all business decisions.

The kind of technology we expect to see in SAS Analytics for Machine Learning teams include Wifi, Beacon, RFID and so on. With real-time analytics collected from various retail and domestic ports provide a great data inventory to manage customer experiences. All these efforts make it easy to drive sales and promote user loyalty towards various platforms currently delivering services and products in a sophisticated marketplace.

  • Privacy and Risk Assessment

With data capabilities comes a huge challenge—how to safeguard data and privacy? SAS Analytics is leveraged to make user data safer and risk-free. Security teams can determine which data points in the system are more prone to data breach than others.

  • Public AI

Finally, we come to discuss about the key role of making AI available to all. AI Democratization with SAS Analytics would allow any business owner to leverage analytics and machine learning science to achieve great results. Soon, businesses could start to deliver AI Service to the public, and that’s true development for the digital industry.

In the fast-paced IT and Consultancy services industry, SAS trainers seemingly fit into many diverse roles that could range from leading technical teams to being Data Science experts.

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