Getting Ready To Leave For School

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When your child is ready to learn about shapes, letters, numbers, and how to interact with other children, then it might be a good time to look at preschools in your area. After finding a school that you like, keep a few tips in mind so that the transition from being at home all day to being in a classroom is easy for you and your child. Always remember to communicate with the teachers and the other workers at the school, especially if there are any concerns that you have about your child’s education and experience in the school.

Spend a few hours with other children and parents at special events in your community before you send your child to a preschool Wichita KS offers. An idea would be a reading time at your local library or a children’s class at a learning center. This will give your child an opportunity to interact with other children while possibly spending a short time away from you if parents are allowed to leave their children with the workers.

Start a routine for your child and the other members of your home. Set a bedtime as well as a time when your child should get up to get ready in the morning in order to be at the preschool on time. The routine should begin a few weeks before your child starts school so that everyone can get accustomed to the new time schedule. Try to do a few activities with your child at home that might be offered at preschool, such as counting or learning letters. Talk to the teacher about the bathroom procedures and how often children take bathroom breaks. You also need to find out about the meal schedule at the school and if your child will have breakfast and lunch or only breakfast and a snack as many preschools dismiss before lunchtime.

Attend the open house to get your child accustomed to the classroom setting and the teachers. Find out if there are any friends who have children in the same class so that you can get your children together before school starts. Talk about the new school with your child in a fun way. If your child knows that learning is fun instead of a challenge, then it can carry over to kindergarten and other grades. Your child will likely want to go to school and enjoy learning instead of being intimidated by the subjects that are taught.

Take your child shopping for a new book bag and clothes, letting your child choose these items instead of you selecting them in the store. Take pictures on the first day of school and throughout the year to show the growth that is taking place in your child. Consider letting someone come to your home to watch your child for a short time if you’ve been at home together since birth. Find a few books to read about preschool and what is learned along with how to say goodbye during the day.

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