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Have you ever thought of living in this world without trees? Would it be possible to sustain life without oxygen? The answer is no, as we all know that trees are the only source of oxygen.

Paper is made from trees and the manufacturing of books involves cutting down of trees leading to global warming. Thus there is a requirement to find an immediate alternative for a book. This requirement can be fulfilled by the use of E-books.

The following are the advantages of E-books

(i) E-books are more easily updated and upgraded: Information changes rapidly today. For the topics like General Awareness and Daily news, we need to have a day to day knowledge. Books become outdated in few days whereas E-books can be easily and quickly kept up to date.

(ii) Portability: Just think that you are traveling to some other state, the biggest problem in traveling is that you will have to carry all your books along with you. Instead of carrying thick books along with you, it is easy to carry along with you a tablet which can have thousands of books stored in it.

(iii) Books use up trees whereas E-books don’t: It is a well-known fact that paper is made up of trees whereas E-books rarely use any natural resources thus leads to no harm to our natural environment.

(iv) Search ability: E-books give an additional feature that you can search any topic and the result would be displayed within a second whereas if you wanna search any topic from a book it would be time-consuming.

(v) Economical: E-books have no physical presence and require no raw material thus they have low cost in comparison to the books which are costly. In having a comparison with 100 books and an E-book containing thousands of Maths, CA books, the later one would be much more cost effective at a fair price.

(vi) Technology: With the increased use of technological advancement around the world, it is very important to keep up to date with technology rather than just reading. E-books provide a high level of interaction with technology which you are in daily contact such as using of Educational Apps via Tablet, Computer System and Mobile.

If we were to summarize all the benefits of E-book in a single word, I guess the best would be ‘Convenience’. It is human nature to find benefit in every technology that they create. E-books offer a level of comfort that allows us to be up to date in knowledge, to search things, ease of portability and to buy more of them for less.

About the Author: Shubham Arora, is an Engineer and Blogger by nature. He is currently working with Byju’s as a content writer inspiring thousands of students to fall in love with learning.

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