What is a Sixth Form and How is it Different to College

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When looking to further your education outside of school, you come to the question: What is a Sixth Form college? Anyone out of school, or about to leave it, has this question in mind when comparing it to a regular college. Before you head off to the rest of your life, before you choose the education path that is right for you, you have to know these differences and understand them a bit more. By learning more about 6th Forms, Sixth Form colleges, and further forms of education, you can begin making the right decisions for your academics and future.

Sixth Form

Attached to schools, Sixth Forms are not the same as 6th Form colleges ( i.e. https://www.albemarle.org.uk/ ) or further education colleges. They focus on preparing you for testing and are for students. As such, you are not going to have a wide or varied option of courses, nor will you have a varied student base.

Sixth Form College

Sixth Form colleges are similar to further education colleges in many ways. Unlike a regular Sixth Form, you have a wider selection of courses available to you. You can further your education in a multitude of ways over a period of two years. It will help you to learn and develop skills not possible with school or Sixth Forms.

At a Sixth Form college, the students are primarily young and full-time. As such, most of the people you meet there are your direct peers, not older or doing part-time education.

Further Education College

The selection of courses at a further education college is much larger, on average, than at a Sixth Form college. You have nearly endless options available to you at the different colleges in your area. From business to film to mathematics to various smaller areas of study, you can find courses that suit you. The length of time for study differs depending on your course choices, ranging from 2 to 4 years typically.

Students going to a further education college vary far more than at a Sixth Form college, too. You can find older students and part-time students at these institutions. The communities are larger and diverse in student types.

Not All Are Equal

These are general overviews of 6th Form colleges and general colleges. Before choosing an option, look into the specific colleges to see what they offer and what they are like. Each one is unique and has its own courses and options.

If you are still wondering what is a Sixth Form college, check them out for yourself and compare them to further education colleges in your area.

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