5 Tips to Make Your Writing Persuasive

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Whether you need to write an essay assignment, an article to be published or you’re writing copy for websites, it is important to learn the art of persuasion. Unfortunately, formal education in schools rarely teaches us everything we have to know about it. Some get to believe it’s a matter of talent, but that isn’t true. Writing in a persuasive manner rather calls for research and for a good organization of your thoughts. Here are 5 tips that will help you out:

  1. Making a solid statement

This will be at the core of your piece of writing. You won’t be merely describing or stating a topic, but choosing a side and getting ready to support it with evidence and critical thought. It’s like writing an argumentative essay. There are online writing courses that can teach you more about that and turn you into an expert.

  1. Appealing to logic and emotions

According to Greek philosopher Aristotle, persuasive writing can appeal to either logic or emotions… or both. However, this tactic alone does not guarantee your final success, but it can certainly grab the attention of your readers and make them think or react.

  1. Adding credibility

It’s not enough to appeal to logic and/or emotions. To enhance your argument and empower your writing, you must bring evidence. Thus you’re making your work credible. Unless it has this quality, it cannot fully persuade anyone.

  1. Create logical transition

You want your writing to have an impact and make readers change their views or take action. If you got good ideas, you need to ensure a logical transition between these. You must make it easy for people to grasp your thinking. Always bridge the gaps.

  1. Including the counter-arguments

If you’re not paying attention to what the opposition is saying, then you might miss on important ideas, arguments, weak spots etc. The other side(s) can have compelling arguments, too. You definitely want to see how they would oppose your ideas, so you can build a stronger argument. This is why counter-arguments should be present in your writing.

In the end, you should be restating your initial idea. By this time, it will all sound much more logical and compelling, now that you’ve brought evidence and sound arguments. Make sure to have a proper structure before you begin the actual writing. The same rules presented here can be applied to a speech, too.

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