5 Benefits to Enrolling Children in Nursery School

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Most parents need to work outside the home to pay the bills so their family can live comfortably. However, if you have small children, this may mean needing to find a nursery school in which to enrol them. Fortunately, there are many benefits to enrolling children into early education programmes.

Teach Socialisation

For children who may not have siblings or may have older siblings, being in an environment with others their age can help them become socialised. They will learn how to share their toys, control their emotions around others, resolve conflicts, and form friendships with other children their age. Then, when it is time to enter primary school, they won’t be frightened, because they are used to being in a classroom with others during the day.

Develop Decision-Making Skills

It can sometimes be overwhelming for children to make decisions, but they can begin to learn how to do so in nursery school. Children will develop decision-making skills as school offers them a variety of choices every day, including which games to play or which marker to use when drawing. If your child has difficulty with decisions or wanders off alone, their teachers will encourage them to interact with others and will help them join in on activities.

Learn Structure

While many parents have their babies and toddlers on a schedule for feedings and bedtimes, for the most part, their lives are unstructured. However, schools are structured environments because there are scheduled times to play, learn, eat lunch, and leave for the day. Young children will start learning how days are organised in the classroom and will start expecting to do certain activities at certain times of the day, including when to expect mum or dad to pick them up from child care in Nottingham.

Gain Confidence

Children in early education will learn to have confidence in themselves as their self-esteem begins to develop. They will be encouraged to learn new skills, and will be congratulated for their efforts, and while in the classroom, they can teach other children skills they have. For example, if a child knows how to button their jumper, they can help their classmates learn how to do so as well.

Prepare Children for School

Attending nursery school can help children prepare for enrolling in primary school. They will begin learning how to identify colours and how to count, and they will start recognising the letters of the alphabet. Teachers can help children learn the information they need to know before they attend primary school. Also, teachers can observe and identify areas in nursery school in which your child struggles, or recognise learning disabilities early, so children can get the help they need.

Even if you don’t work outside of the home, when your infant gets older, you may wish to enrol them in nursery school to start developing their physical, emotional, and academic skills. Young children who attend school are better prepared for the challenges they will be faced with when they start primary school.

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