Unexpected Careers You Can Do With a Degree in Fashion Design

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A degree in fashion design can lead to many unexpected career paths. Not everyone who receives a degree in fashion will necessarily go on to become a fashion designer, which is what most people wrongly assume. The truth is that a fashion degree can be used for careers people do not generally associate with this degree type. Studying fashion design can open up new creative possibilities in careers not directly related to fashion.

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Public Relations

Public relations operatives are vital in many industries, making it a broad career path for those who choose to enter it. Many of the lessons people learn while studying for a degree in fashion involve learning to communicate effectively.

Since these skills are so important in public relations, this is now a viable career path for some. The art of communicating is something that most employers demand of the employees working in their industry. No matter what a person does for a living, if they cannot communicate with people clearly, politely and professionally they are not likely to succeed for long.


The communication skills learned while obtaining a fashion degree can also prove useful in journalism. An effective journalist can communicate a news story with their colleagues and with the public in ways that everyone understands. When journalists interview people, they are putting their communication skills to work.

These skills can be learned without necessarily studying specifically to be a reporter, although you may need to take a separate qualification to enter journalism officially.


Many people that obtain a fashion degree go on to work as a buyer for major retail store chains, department stores or independent boutiques. Fashion buyers are responsible for selecting the merchandise and the brand names that their store will sell.

In order to be a successful buyer one must put their communication skills to good use. They must be able to convey to suppliers and designers what they want to see in their store in terms of merchandise. Having a thorough knowledge and understanding of current styles and trends and how people wear them is crucial to finding success as a buyer.

For many people with a fashion degree, becoming a buyer would fulfil their ambitions of entering fashion.

Magazine Editor 

A degree in fashion can also lead to an eventual career as the editor of amagazine. These magazines are attuned to what women want to wear and how they want to look. For that reason, it is crucial for an editor of a beauty magazine to understand the fashion industry and be able to keep up with all the changes within that industry. With fashions coming into and going out of style quickly, an effective editor is one that keeps abreast of new designers and new labels in the clothing market.

These are all unexpected careers that studying fashion design can take people towards. With so many possibilities, people with this degree are not confined to a single career area.

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