Tips to finding the most suitable PG accommodation for students studying in India

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Traveling miles away from home can be huge for students, especially international students. It can impact one in many ways that expected, but this impact can be reduced if you can find a home, away from home. Accommodation is an integral part of your education outside your hometown, but in the preparations for travelling, packing, university application, admissions, visa application, a lot of students tend to put it off till the last minute. It is crucial that you plan in advance. Here are some pointers that you can even use as a checklist when looking for a paying guest accommodation in Indian cities:


  1. Start early:

As soon as you get your admission, make sure to immediately start looking for housing options. Paying Guest (PG for short) is often the cheapest and most convenient option. When you start planning ahead, you will have the benefit of time for weighing all the options that are available and you can pick one that suits you best. This can be both, in terms of budget and convenience. This will also give you time to plan your finances as a good portion of your budget will be taken away by accommodation.

  1. Location:

Pick areas that are close to the university. Traffic in Indian cities can be nerve wrecking, especially when you have to rush for an important morning class. Make sure the locality is safe. A good PG will have a security guard posted at the gate 24/7. The chosen locality must also have easy access to public transport, department stores and other shops you think you might visit often. For ex. Any accommodation off Gokhale road (Pune) is considered perfect for students of Fergusson and Ranade Institutes but make sure you start early to get affordable accommodations in Pune.

  1. Services included in the package:

Now here is another important aspect of looking for accommodation. Students will definitely need uninterrupted internet access and affordable healthy food for starters. Eating out on a regular basis is not advisable. A good number of PGs have in-house cooks who prepare the food right in the PG kitchen. This is by far the best option since you can personally check on hygiene and quality of ingredients used. TV, fridge, room heater/warmer/AC, having relatives or friends over on prior notice, washing machine etc. can also be added to your checklist of things you can ask the PG owner when on house visit.


There can be no one thumb rule that needs to be followed since every city in India has its own flavor with pros and cons, so it is advisable that you ask around your contacts who live in the same city for useful inputs and negotiation tips.

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