Mortgage Lawyer that Sue Banks and Lenders for Loan Fraud

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In some fraudulent mortgage practices, dual tracking is something that causes the most problem. Mortgage attorney will be a protector against further damages caused by mortgage fraud. Dual tracking is a common mortgage fraud that done by mortgage lenders. They often request documents for a loan modification while also put the homeowner into a bad situation of foreclosure. This practice has been applied by predatory lender and bank for decades. They take advantage from ignorant homeowners who don’t really know about the loan they take. However, with the Homeowner Bill of Right, it enable lawyer to protect homeowners from mortgage fraud and dual tracking.

Dealing with Dual Tracking

When lending institutions violate the SB900 mortgage lawyer can sue bank and lender for mortgage fraud. Yet, some people are eager to do this due to cost and attorney fees. However, some might not realize that mortgage fraud is very hard to catch and the only person that has the knowledge to identify mortgage fraud is a mortgage attorney. Mortgage attorney that have high experience in real estate law can easily identify dual tracking. Even though the attorney fees are high, but the result is guaranteed.  If you facing mortgage fraud, do not resolve it on your own for it only be more costly and cost you more to redo the damage.

Hiring Mortgage Lawyers

Some mortgage foreclosure attorney or reliable law firm often offer free phone consultation for homeowner who facing dual tracking or other mortgage loan violations.  Mortgage lawyers will help homeowners save their home from a foreclosure sale and sue lender for monetary damage. Consumer Action Law Group ( is trusted law firms in California that provide free case evaluation before the hire take place.  Those that live in California can now schedule for a free consultation to protect yourself from predatory lending. These expert lawyers will gather all information and review clients’ situation. They will decide what kind of legal actions is best to overcome your problems. Litigation lawyer will give you best result and satisfaction.

A mortgage servicing fraud expert is the person that you need to help you fight against lender. Some people might think that file a complaint by them-self can resolve the problem and this is not true. Not having an expert guide you will not get result and instead, you have a higher chance of losing your home to the lender. Mortgage lawyer is excellent at inspect and review some facts about the mortgage fraud. This problem has been an epidemic so homeowners should be more careful in the future. Whenever they have caught in a scam, mortgage attorneys are the best protection that homeowner who are facing mortgage fraud can get. Do not hire a lawyer that does not have experience in stopping a foreclosure sale.

There are also some services that operate based on the internet as they will provide as much information as possible to the clients. Such as Naca or any attorney search directory.

Anyone who lives in California can enjoy a free case evaluation at Consumer Action Law Group ( They will let you know what the next step is and what you can do to undo the damage. Often, Mortgage attorney at the firm will help you file a lawsuit against the lender if you have a mortgage fraud case.

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