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Due to this pandemic the tuitions and classes are made online to take better precautions. As it’s a serious outbreak of infection the tutorials management cancelled all the classes required for the students only through direct teaching. The classes are moved to safest way in order to make sure the students learn in a confortable way. H2 math tuition there are many resources developed for increasing the capability by online classes and also there is special lesson learning records and also live streaming in class and also online live classes.

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The online classes are helpful for complete understand g of subject and also the content in very well understood and also compromised without any interruption. There are few previously recorded videos of our class tuitions but at this difficult time also we won’t assist our student in watching these videos because that doesn’t make the student to interact and kearn.so for that reason every lesson and chapter to learn the student is interacted with the teacher. For a person to person class only the online classes are mist effective ones.

In making to learn and to teach lessons there us chalk and board class to the children for better understanding by student. There is a two process way communication build in between student and teacher so that there will be better clarification of all of doubts In online classes also were planned in such a way that we observe at each student and learn them by observing and by looking at them by pointing out on them.

The classes are all recorded for better learning on future purpose for revision like period Always try to keep in touch with number skill people for all your doubts regarding classes that are always supported for the students and their betterment.

As it we pandemic listening in online class may not be so understandable by the student so dor sucg cases also the teachers planning in such a way to make this teaching experience also fruit full and understandable. 

In the education industry of Singapore mr.gang a maths teacher who is a perfectionist in learning the H2 subject for students in easy and better way, he is also a you tuber, he explains various technique’s in maths in you tube, he gave many interviews to media people to better exposure of maths subject, luckily for the institution has a part of this tutorial’s and many students join in this tuitions for listening to his lessons and methodology maths subject. There are many channels in white media corps traits theme channel and the Sunday times and various popular magazines he came for teaching the maths tricks and solving several problems.

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