15 of the Best Montessori Toys for Children

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Montessori toys are excellent for children; they encourage our little ones to explore, be creative, be attentive, and curious by harnessing their imaginations.

Montessori toys are simple, educational toys based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy.

Here are 15 of our favourite Montessori toys;

Montessori Rug

A proper workspace is vital to the Montessori system; one of the essential items every Montessori child must have is a cloth work mat.

Think of it as a work desk where all the magic happens.

Pikler Climbing Triangle Safety

It is a well-known fact that babies are naturally curious, and when mobile, they want to climb everything with little regard for safety.

The Pikler triangle from My Happy Helpers is designed to promote and encourage individual play. Kids should be supervised when exploring and climbing, as you watch, encourage your little one as they embark on the climb

Balance Wavee Board

A balance board is exciting and perfect for your imaginative Montessori child.

There are a plethora of uses for this, and your little one will probably make up more ways to enjoy their wavee board. They may even have a nap on it after all the play they have done.

Manhattan Toy Skwish

This grasping toy is an essential aspect of every Montessori kid’s education. Your little one will not hesitate to show off their holding and grasping skills.

This toy comes in engaging colours and has loose beads to interest your baby.

Montessori Alphabet

An excellent way to help your children learn would be by purchasing sandpaper letters so they can create muscle memory by tracing on upper and lower case letters.

You can also encourage kids to make consonant sounds while tracing letters.

Montessori Fish Puzzle

The best time to help children connect with nature is now, have you considered bringing the outdoors into your home?

A fish puzzle is sure to peak your child’s interest by explaining a bit of nature to them.

Kingou Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball

This fascinating three-dimensional puzzle is sure to help children refine their cognitive and logic skills.

Made of non-toxic wood, it contains twelve wooden pieces with different shapes that form a ball when appropriately assembled.

Let’s Play House Set

This Montessori set helps inculcate healthy habits in young children. It includes a mop, duster, broom and more allowing your little ones to emulate grown-ups, develop motor skills and much more.

It is excellent for infant character development.

Montessori Counting Cards

This is a must-have for every child when they begin to learn how to count or do basic math; they are essential for every playroom.

It is an excellent product for future geniuses and scientists.

Ever Earth, Jr. Ramp Racer

This exquisite wooden toy for toddlers is very popular with parents and children alike; it includes four wooden vehicles that give kids the freedom to be creative with how they operate their cars.

The Nugget

The nugget is made up of four cozy pieces that give kids the freedom to create whatever they want. It can be a toy, a resting spot, a spaceship, a fort, and much more.

Mini ToolSet

For older kids, you should consider investing in a stubby tool set when your little ones become ready to start building.

The ideal tool should include at least a hammer, screwdriver, and a plier.


If you want to help your kid develop their artistic senses, a xylophone toy that works by producing beautiful sounds when different keys are struck is an excellent investment.

Xylophones, pianos, and guitars are all great toys for kids.

Tetris Puzzle

Remember Tetris? This toy is a real-life Tetris puzzle made of non-toxic wood.

Children can learn colours, shapes, improve critical thinking; develop motor skills while having fun with a beautiful puzzle.

Construction Sticks

Have you heard about Leonardo DaVinci’s bridge construction stick sets? They include 100 wooden sticks that kids can use to construct bridges and all sorts of creations.

They help with problem-solving and help promote creativity.

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