Science is She who Simply Finds the Facts

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Increasingly over two centuries, our lives (individual and collective) are being framed by rules issued in the name of science, like so many indisputable truths and that we do not discuss. “The facts are the facts,” it is added, and it is true that the old dogmas were necessary human despite all sensory experience. At the same time, science presents mathematical formulas and abstract concepts, without which “the facts” would keep us in all possible illusions: we see the Earth revolve around the Sun, species appear to have never been able to derive some other, and space and time are experienced as absolute, representations that science has long since destroyed irreversibly. Therefore, if science is based on the facts and come to explain, it ceases to be science if it were limited to the facts. Thus, for centuries, philosophers and scientists-they debate around empiricists’ designs on one side, and the other in various ways to present the experience of the facts to theoretical initiatives created by a rational human activity. Plato and Galileo and Descartes at the dawn of modern science, as well as demonstrated by the facts remain in observation, no one can claim access any knowledge whatsoever. If the finding of facts sufficient for us to understand, all science would be superfluous! But on what grounds should we accept the truths that are not systematically validated by the facts? This would be repeated in a new way the authoritarian dogmatism past the church. No doubt the problem there lies in how to link science to the facts in the form of a simple “observation”. Indeed, it is always based on the facts that science begins observations, but also contradictions, paradoxes, inconsistencies old answers “called into question”. Kant himself admits that starting point. But it is still based on theoretical constructs; fruit of human creativity, science transcends all these contradictions and provides a consistent knowledge of the facts. So it is overflowing the limit of the facts that science can advance their boundless knowledge.

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