Questions You Will Be Asked When Going for a Budtender Interview

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Central to the success of a dispensary is hiring the right Budtender, according to Cannabis Jobs. This position requires a trustworthy and hard-working individual who is prepared to work hard. It could be argued that the people that are hired for this position make or break a dispensary, so your interviewer will be looking to hire correctly at the first time of asking. Therefore, be prepared for a tough interview. Here are some interview questions you will likely be asked.

1. What are the main responsibilities of a Budtender?

The dispensary will want to have an experienced operator take over, and it is important you have a confident knowledge of what the job actually entails. They will not want someone who is too inexperienced for the position that will require a lot of training. We would recommend that you make reference to the legal restrictions in your answer aswell.

2. Tell me about the differences between Indicas and Sativas?

It is important that the Budtender has a secure and confident knowledge, which can be tested by asking the simple question of what is the difference between Indicas and Sativas. This will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and prove to the dispensary owner that you have the required knowledge base from which to work from.

3. What is your favorite strain?

This will allow the you as the candidate to demonstrate your knowledge by describing why you love a particular strain. This will show how passionate you are for cannabis, which is essential when you are selling the product to the customer. If they don’t have any passion, you will likely be turned down.

4. What would you do if you caught a co-worker stealing cannabis products?

Theft is a big problem in the industry. It is key that you as the candidate makes sure that you report the employee right away if you thought they were stealing.

5. Why do you want to work in the industry?

Some people want the job as they see it is a cool job to work as. The dispensary owner wants to hire someone who has a desire to work with cannabis, which is backed up by their knowledge. If you mention that you want to use the position as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, it is likely you will be turned down.

6. What is the one thing you would change about the dispensary?

It is important that each person has their own set of ideas. If you say you wouldn’t change anything, you can assume that they will think that you will not put your head above the parapet and suggest ways to improve in the future.

These are just some of the questions that you will likely be asked at interview.

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