10 Funny Spanish Words You Need to Know

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Spanish is second most spoken languages in the world. It is recognized as the authorized language of at least twenty different countries. This language spread between Europe as well as the Americas with three hundred millions of native speakers. Because of its enormous spread around the world, there are a number of different varieties and jargons of the language making it as diverse as it is interesting. If you really want to get complete knowledge about these jargon words then enroll in the best Spanish Institutes in Delhi.

I have taken best Spanish Language Courses in Delhi and practiced the language around the world. If you have studied Spanish yourself, it is speedily manifest that the fact the language is spoken in several countries makes it enormously rich. A few words change greatly between countries as well as what you speak in Spain may be unsolvable when traveling in Central or South America. And, like German, Spanish has its own jargon words, but that is what makes this such a fun language to learn.

Here, I am discussed some interesting Spanish words which help for gaining Spanish skills without any hassle and with more enjoyment.

  1. Mae (Costa Rica), Tío (Spain), Chamo (Venezuela), Quillo/quilla (Andalusia)

These words are the ways you can say “dude” in Spanish language. Don’t blend them up and ensure you utilize the accurate version in its own country.

  1. El de la vergüenza (Spain)

Exactly this Spanish word means “the one of shame” and it is widely utilized to explain the last piece of food no one wants to take.

  1. La sobremesa (Spain)

This is also the essential Spanish word I like. It is mostly used in Spain. The exact meaning of this word is “over the table” and describes what happens after lunch or dinner when you are simply hanging out with the people you have only shared your meal with—be it your friends, family or business partners.

  1. El lampiño (Latin America)

This is a cute Spanish word that describes a person who is hairless, has no facial hair and/or little-to-no body hair. It is generally used to explain men who can’t grow a full beard.

  1. La vergüenza ajena (Latin America)

It included fremdschämen, which is the correct equivalent of la vergüenza ajena. It means shaming yourself expressly because of someone else’s activities. It could also be utilized to highlight something stupid said by someone, but also for activities like when someone laughs so hard that juice comes out of his/her nose.

  1. Friolero/caluroso (Spain and Latin America)

When conversation about the weather is a common discussion topic, the Spanish language has devoted words used to call people who are especially touchy to the cold or to the heat. And in distinctive Spanish fashion, there are a large number of varieties of the same word.

  1. Vale (Spain), Chevere (Venezuela), Tuanis (Costa Rica), Chido (Mexico)

Spanish does differ a lot relying upon the country where it is spoken! The meaning of these four words is the same. Generally, they are the equivalent of ‘cool’ or ‘okay’ in English so be make sure to learn the right, local version before visiting a Spanish-speaking country as you will possible be using it a lot. These words are extremely helpful at the time of travelling.

Most Spanish speakers are recognizable with each of the expressions and they will understand what you are saying, but they will instantly know the nationality of your Spanish teacher, did you learn Spanish in Spain or another place?

  1. Achuchar (Spain)

Achuchar is a really cute verb of Spanish. The exact meaning of this word is to hug someone very lovingly, sometimes even to the point that they can’t breathe. It also means to cuddle as well as is frequently used when referring to the interaction between a mother and her little ones.

  1. Forrarse (Latin America)

This is an obsolete verb and is mostly used in Latin America. The meaning of this word is ‘to become rich,’ frequently over a less period of time. Estar forrado is also an exciting expression which means ‘being loaded.’

  1. El antro (Central America)

In Mexico, an antro is a nightclub which generally plays electronic music, reggaeton as well as hip hop. On the other hand, in several Spanish-speaking countries, though, calling a place an antro is basically derisive as this word is used to explain a dive, a bad or a cheap hotel. Be alert in case someone suggests one to you as they might be pulling your leg if they are not attentive of the term.

So, if you want to get proper knowledge of these interesting Spanish words then what are you waiting for? Come and take admission in the best Foreign Language Institutes in Delhi and enhance your Spanish skills in an efficient way.


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