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It is the quality of a good writer that he puts his point of view in such a logical way that once you start reading his piece of work you start moving from confrontation to the neutrality and start believing in his right to express his views. At the end of the article or essay you start believing that the writer is right in his way of thinking and you were wrong in your point of view. This is argumentative essay format“, which consists of introduction to the topic, explaining the topic and giving the arguments in favor and against the topic. Finally concluding as how author is correct in his point of view.

Elements of argumentative essay

  • Position: This is the most important element of thepaper format, in which writer tells the reader as which side of the argument he is. He tries to give his arguments to make the reader believe that why he is correct.
  • Reasons: The writer tries to give his reasons to prove his logic and tries to win the reader with his reasons and in this respect it is quite relevant that the writer also discusses the counter arguments to give weight age to his points. The writer uses the counter arguments to reason his argument as why they are wrong and the writer is right. As the artist paints the picture black to make white more bright.
  • Evidences: In order to give weight age to his arguments the author of the essay provides true incidences in support of his reasons. He uses these evidences to prove his stand in the essay. The author uses data’s or the similar incidences happening in other parts of the world. Sometimes he uses the results of not following his point of view to prove correctness of his stand in the essay.

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