You don’t need the inspiration to write a great essay

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Lately, an essay became a synonym of every college student nightmare that repeats from year to year. However, this literary form is not something students need to be afraid of. An essay is a composition anyone can write if he/she has what to say.

So, let’s imagine a student at the end of the semester that has to write a paper. Well, tons of papers and essays. It is not as hard as you used to thinking. Follow me!

To write an essay a student needs to write 6 unique sentences. Forget about 5 pages, 800 words, or others numbers. Six sentences are all you need. They have to be original and express your voice. Other material simply supports your main idea stated in 6 sentences. So, sit down and write them. I don’t think, it is hard to share your thoughts in less than 10 sentences.

Start with the most important. Don’t make your reader guess. Make all clear from the first sight, but then don’t forget to give strong arguments to convince the public. Go from the strongest arguments to the weakest. Give examples, facts, describe your own experience. Show your involvement.

The first paragraph usually predetermines the destiny of your essay. Work on it carefully. Make it catchy or controversial. Intrigue the reader. The main task of the first paragraph is to make people want to read the essay till the last sentence.

The body section is a part where you need to flirt with the reader, discuss different sides of the problem, look for the solution together with a reader. The last sentence of the body of an essay has to make the reader your most loyal companion or your most warring enemy.

The goal of conclusion part is to strength that feeling you aroused in the reader. Anyway, this feeling has to be vivid and heavy. Often, professional writers from and other writing services achieve it just by being extremely honest.

Your essay could have grammar or spelling mistakes, it could have weak structure, but if it is  honest and it contains strong arguments, other faults will be leveled.

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