How much homework can students do without trouble?

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Researchers claim modern children receive twice as much homework as they have to receive. The National Education Association set the 10-minute homework per night for each grade level. In practice, preschoolers and kids who attend elementary school receive at least 20-30 minutes of homework per night.
The number of tasks isn’t decreased in high-school. Senior students receive more than 3 hours of homework per night, while they have to spend on assignments at home not more that 2 hours. They couldn’t cope with all the tasks they have and frequently are forced to pay4homework online.

This problem intensifies from year to year. Eventually, it causes stress, unconfidence, depression, etc. Parents meet these problems too. So, it is a matter of whole families or even society health.

The pressure students feel in school impacts their future lives. In adulthood, they continue to work as hard as they did at school, even if they are depressed and don’t like what they do, as they think there are no other way to earn for living. They think a little bit more rest will lead them to failure.

Such tendency causes people start to use alcohol and drugs to fight the stress in teen years, and they keep doing it in their adult lives.

The experts see the solution in giving creative and interesting assignments to students and following the rule of 10 minutes per grade. When students need to invent something, or they are allowed to share their boldest thoughts, they have a different attitude to the home tasks. They can spend more time on it without feeling tired.
Nevertheless, teachers at school and professors at colleges need to follow the rules and don’t overload their students. Some teachers have already made an experiment and reduced the amount of homework significantly. A majority of their colleagues were sure the students’ progress would decrease. But it didn’t happen. All students passed the finals and showed the results they had before the experiment.

Despite homework is an important part of the education process, we need to remember, that if we want to save our society from chronic stress and depression homework’s amount needs to be strictly regulated.

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