Special Schools Cheshire Provide Individualised Education to Students With Special Needs

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A special school caters to students with special educational needs because of severe learning problems, physical disabilities, or behavioural problems. These schools are designed differently from the mainstream schools and are specifically resourced, in order to provide special learning for the children with extra needs. Students going to the special schools Cheshire often don’t attend classes in mainstream schools.

Individualised Learning

In these schools individualised education is imparted to address the specific needs of the children with learning difficulties. The student to teacher ratio is extremely low, commonly 6:1 or maybe lower based on the needs of the children. Such schools will also provide added facilities for the children with special needs, for instance, soft play areas, sensory rooms and specific amenities that are needed for the treatment of children with specific conditions.

In these schools children can take as much time as they need for learning. Means, children with learning difficulties go at their own pace. Specially in UK this approach has become very popular.

As of late, places available in special schools are reducing because most of the children with learning difficulties are educated in mainstream schools. Anyway, there will always be a few children, whose learning needs can’t be properly met in a normal classroom setting and will need specialized tutoring and resources to provide the level of support they need. An instance of a disability that may require a student to go to special schools Cheshire is intellectual disability. Anyhow, this practice is normally disapproved of by school districts.

An alternative is a special classroom, also known as self-contained classroom. This is a separate room devoted exclusively to the education of students with special needs, inside a bigger school that also imparts general education. This classroom is normally staffed by teachers with special training. These teachers impart personalized, specific tutoring to small groups of students with special needs.

Self-contained classrooms, since they are located in a conventional education school, may contain students who stay in the self-contained classroom full-time, or children who are attached to specific general education classes.

Education Strategies

The student is imparted education in either a classroom or outside environment. Both environments can be interactive for children to engage better with the subject. Learning strategies are divided into two categories:

  1. Accommodations
  2. Modifications

An accommodation is making adjustment to tutoring practices so that the child learns the same material, yet in a format that is more accessible to him. For instance, the school may accommodate a child with visual impairment by giving a large-print textbook. A modification, redesigns the material to make it less complex. For instance, a student with reading difficulties can be provided a shorter, easier book.

To sum up these special schools are designed to help students with special needs attain success in school and their community.

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