Six Tips to Help Your Child Transition to a New School

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Most young children love going to school because they learn new skills and information and see their friends every day. However, if you’re family has moved to another city or country, your child may feel intimidated when school starts since they are in a strange environment. Here are six tips to help your child adjust to a new school.

Visit Before the First Day

To help put your child at ease, you should take him or her to visit the new school and meet some of their teachers prior to the first day. Take a tour of the school so they can get an idea of the layout to keep from getting lost and to ease some of their anxiety. If they meet with their teachers before the first day, they will be able to recognise them when their classes start rather than meeting total strangers.

Read Prospectus Together

By going through the prospectus, your child will be aware of the school’s rules and what type of behaviour is expected from them. Knowing the rules will keep students from getting into trouble for small infractions. Also, go over the requirements for their uniforms and make sure everything is bought and ready for your child’s first day.

Meet Others from School

Not only will your child be thrust into a situation where they are new when school starts, but you’ll have to get used to making acquaintances with other parents, teachers, and workers at the school, too. If you have time before school starts, get together with other expatriates with students in the same British school in Dubai that your child will be attending. They will be able to make new friends prior to the start of school, and you will meet and become acquainted with some of the parents.

Get Involved at School

Encourage your child to become involved in extracurricular activities at the school, whether it is a sport or an academic club. Getting involved will help your child make new friends and become more comfortable with their new school. You can become involved as well by volunteering at the school or by helping plan or chaperone activities.

Discuss Needs with Teachers

Prior to the start of school, make your child’s school and teachers aware of any special needs or medical conditions he or she may have. If they are allergic to nuts, have dyslexia, or are diabetic, make sure everyone is aware of their situation in case of an emergency. Helping the school and teachers be prepared will ensure your child gets the help they need immediately and keep them from being embarrassed in front of their classmates.

Maintain Routines

To help in the transition to a new school, maintain your child’s routines. To combat the stress and anxiety they may experience, make sure they get plenty of sleep by keeping their same bedtime. If you have a tradition of preparing a special breakfast on the first day of school each year, prepare it for them as usual to make the transition easier.

By following these tips, your child will have an easier time getting used to their new environment.

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