How to choose a good plastic surgeon?

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Plastic surgeon is a specialist who will change you look forever and will bear full responsibility for his actions. That is why the question of such a specialist choice must be approached very carefully. The situation is complicated by the fact that such specialist must have official license of plastic surgeon confirming his qualification level and extensive experience and practice in this particular sphere. Thus, first of all, you should collect and analyze information about the surgeons on your own. What to look for and how to avoid common mistakes when choosing a plastic surgeon?

As a first step, you need to make a list of candidates, which must meet two key parameters: perform the type of plastic surgery you need and be available geographically (practicing in your own or neighboring city). The list is quite voluminous, especially when it comes to big city. To make it shorter, it is required to find out important facts behind the loud advertising slogans. You should specify plastic surgeon qualifications and experience to draw conclusions about the quality of his work. It is not easy task. When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is important to examine not only publicly available information, but also to visit at least 3-5 consultations (a kind of reasonable minimum, and ideally 7-8 consultations or more should be made). In any case, the main criteria of quality when choosing a surgeon should be the following: education, qualifications and experience, specialization, portfolio, reviews and cost of services.

Education is a crucial factor as it is very important for plastic surgeon to have appropriate professional education, guaranteeing his awareness in that specific sphere of body anatomy he works with. For example, it is very desirable for the surgeon who intends to carry out rhinoplasty to have additional training and for specialist in male intimate plastic – deep knowledge of urology and andrology.

The next and perhaps the key point that should be considered when choosing a plastic surgeon, is his professional experience. Expertise is ensured exclusively by practice, tens and hundreds of performed surgeries. Of course, to it is impossible to have an extensive experience for a surgeon with 2-3 years of seniority. Different experts say about different terms of becoming a true plastic surgery specialist, but average period of active practice should be 8-10 years in one or more clinics. It is important to realize that a big name of a particular clinic is not 100 % guarantee of particular surgeon professionalism. When choosing a specialist you must be guided by his personal portfolio of performed surgeries only. Choosing a plastic surgeon, you must be sure that he practices this type of procedure you need and it is one of his high priorities. One thing is when the surgeon only can perform a specific surgery, and quite another when he specializes in it, performs it regularly, sometimes every day. Many experts only declare the ability to perform various plastic surgeries, but actually carry out no more than one or two per year. Competent surgeon performs a lot of surgeries often – not occasionally, but every day. Every practicing surgeon has its own portfolio of photos taken before and after surgery. These photos will be displayed on clinic website or in promotional materials. Reviews – opinions of your friends and relatives, people you know personally are very important. Communicating with such people, you can have full confidence that you will get honest reviews, but not well paid advertising. An important nuance: you should talk about the same surgery type. If you need, for example, a facelift, it is not the fact that a good specialist on breast augmentation can perform facelift on the same high level.


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