Top tips of learning golf for beginners

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The book of Golf Rules contains 182 pages and it is very important for every golfer to understand most of the 34 rules that are presented in it. But don’t worry. Most golfers, including those who turn up their noses playing with newcomers such as you have a very vague idea of what does it mean to play according to all the rules. You will be surprised to know how many golfers play by rules that have nothing to do with the aforementioned book. So do not worry if you are not sure what is allowed and what can be considered as a violation. There are a few basic rules, following which you can feel yourself confident at first.


Rules play the huge role in this noble game, still the main goal of any participant is to enjoy the process, train skills and have great time in private company. That is why, in case you decide to take up golf, the first thing you should do is to decide what courses and what golf destination to choose, to feel yourself in element. Nowadays, in order to join the community of golfers many people take advantage of different tours, organized specially for those, who want to spend their vacation not just lying on the beach, but taking part in numerous sports activities, including golf. Today, Myrtle Beach is considered to be one of the most popular places to spend golf vacation in. Many dedicated golfers strive to attend high quality courses that are located in the most picturesque places of Myrtle Beach. Fresh air, pleasing climate and availability of all necessary facilities make this plays perfect for golfer’s vacation.

Myrtle Beach golf places are also considered to be the best destinations for beginners, as here you can find not only the best courses in the state, but also a lot of schools, who are happy to teach novices all the main rules of this popular game.

So, when you decide on suitable for your destination, you can proceed with learning the basics of the game. It is necessary to remember the following. Under no circumstances should you touch the ball, when you are on the putting green. Play the ball as it lies, unless there are some obstacle that prevent you from blowing it. On the putting green, you must mark the place where the ball was located before to pick it up. If after the blow you can not find your ball, then after five minutes of searching, make another shot from a position as close to the place where you played the last time as possible. If after hitting your ball landed on another fairway, you can play it as it lies, unless the fairway is not marked as being out of bounds.

This are the main rules you should remember for the first time to start playing the game and in order to feel yourself more or less comfortable on the putting green. To obtain more skills and knowledge on this topic, you can visit specialized school that provide trainings for beginners in Myrtle Beach and in many other popular destinations. Golf is a perfect game for those, who prefer to live active full life and spend time with interesting people, while being engaged in an exciting activity. Follow simple, but important rules, find the best destination for you and enjoy the game!


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