Becoming an ITIL Expert

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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is a service management framework used in a number of IT services. It provides the foundation, boundaries, and guidance for designing an IT framework from inception to optimisation and improvement. Unlike some guidelines, ITIL isn’t considered a standard. Instead, it’s more of a guide that suggests best practises but leaves you room for customisation. If you want to enter the exciting world of ITIL, you do need to become certified in ITIL 2011, the latest version, and that often involves taking practical study courses.

ITIL and IT Backgrounds

Many people assume they cannot become ITIL certified because they don’t have an IT background. However, that’s not true. Anyone can take the certification exam. However, to successfully pass it, you do need to know a good amount of information regarding the IT industry. If you don’t have any IT experience, you’re likely to struggle with the questions on the certification. It is somewhat technical, so you will want to learn as much as possible about areas such as data gathering, information management, and other related topics.

Those who have experience in software management or development may be able to make the shift to ITIL fairly easily. You may already understand many of the basics, but there is a difference between IT and software design. You will still have a good amount to learn to successfully grasp what ITIL means and to pass the certifications.

How Much Experience Do You Need?

There is no magic number of years of experience needed to take the ITIL.You can find ITIL certification in Malaysia and take practice exams and courses to study before you take the exam. However, the more years of experience you have in the industry, the easier it will be for you to pass the exams after taking a study course. Those who have worked in the computer industry before may easily move into ITIL positions even if they aren’t aware of ITIL in the beginning.

As long as you can pick up new concepts quickly, you may be able to move into beginner ITIL positions and complete your certification quickly. However, the more years of IT experience you have, the easier it will be to understand the materials on the practice exams.

The Different ITIL Certifications

There are a number of different ITIL certifications. Those who have software design experience may find that the ITIL 2011 Foundation test, which is designed as the entry level certification, isn’t too hard once they complete a study course.

After you pass the foundation certification, you can move up to the Intermediate certification, which will be four or five different certification exams that you’ll need to pass depending on which ITIL path you want to follow. These exams begin to become more focused on different ITIL parts, leading you to specialise in specific aspects.

To finish your ITIL 2011 Expert certification, you have to complete the Managing Across a Lifecycle exam. This exam is difficult, and you’ll certainly want to work through as many practice courses as possible to prepare for it.

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