Brief About CFA-level 1, Chartered Financial Analyst Exam

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Because of the useful skills offered through this exam, this certification has become very popular amongst the professionals who are optimistic to launch their professional career in the global finance industry. The Chartered Financial Analyst certification has became the most popular certification among the world because of its importance. It has been recognized in the UK and being equivalent to a master’s-level degree. There are three levels of this certification. The CFA level 1 exam is the first of three exams provided by the CFA Institute. It is the best certification for those peoples who are looking to connect with financial analysts all around the world. The CFA Program contains a series of three exams.

While passing all three levels of the CFA exams, the candidate will become a CFA charter holder. The CFA program is a universally recognized as a standard to measure the competency and integrity of financial analysts. Actually while taking the Level 1 exam, the candidates would have ample knowledge on account of tools and concepts that apply to investment valuation and management.

For CFA certification, candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. You can also get an exemption if you are in the final year of your undergraduate program or have four years of professional experience.

CFA course covers most important topics like:

*ethical and professional standards (15)
*investment tools (50)
*corporate finance (8)
*economics (10)
*financial reporting and analysis (20)
*quantitative methods (12)
*assets classes (30)
*alternative investments (3)
*derivatives (5)
*equality investment (10)
*fixed income (12)
*portfolio management and wealth planning (5)

There are 240 questions in the level 1 exam and the exam format is very straightforward: you have to solve 240 multiple choice questions. Six hours is the maximum time which is allowed for the each CFA exam. The exams are mostly held in June and December every year. You can get your result just after 60 days for the CFA-level 1 exam. Total marks of this exam are 100. Exams are offered in English only.

You can increase your course grip by attempting past CFA exams. The internet is a best way for you to target a high grade in the Institute exam. After getting your certification you will be able to get more opportunities of success and it will enhance your experience as well. In all global organizations, the CFA certification is well recognized.

The Chartered Financial Analyst Exam is taken by a large number of students across the world. It is a matter of pride for any individual who clears the CFA exam and that does it at their first try. This requires a lot of hard work and will power to grasp the entire syllabus thoroughly. Those who want to make a career as a financial analyst can take help of the vast study materials which is easily available online. There are several benefits of studying online which are described below.

Students can access a large number of mock question papers which is available online.
Aspirants can practice with the help of simulator programs that are available at affordable rates.

They can study with the study material which is prepared by experienced professionals and an eminent board of members who have a collective experience of several years.

Students can self-analyze their performance with the help of the online program. They can analyze their strengths and weaknesses and improve them.
While studying online, there is no restriction of class timings. Students can do CFA study at their own pace and study when they feel comfortable.

Online study provides great flexibility as one can study according to his or her convenience. They can study at any time which suits their requirement.
If you are preparing for the CFA level 1 exam you can easily get the CFA study materials online at There are many other companies which facilitate the purchase of the course material.

The simulator program will give you a high return on investment and prove highly beneficial for you. The students can prepare in an organized manner as the CFA study materials provided are presented in a very systematic order. Instead of searching relevant material from the books in a haphazard manner, they can study from the online material.

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