5 Tips to Handling Typical College Student Apartments Complaints

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Staying around noisy neighbours can be quite difficult and if you are the owner of the college student apartments, several problems can arise. The process can be extremely difficult but here we have five tips to help you sort out some of the most common issues.

  1. Fights between roommates

Roommate problems can eventually become a headache for the landlord whether the roommates could never get along or they started having troubles. While some fights can be resolved sooner, some can escalate into full-blown fights.

Tip: As a landlord you can act as a mediator and resolve the issues before anything serious happens.

  1. Maintenance

Unfortunately no matter how clean your flat is or how often you have repaired the sink or the oven, chances are something might not work and you will need to get the problem fixed immediately.

Tip: Whether it’s a maintenance job or pest control, get the problem resolved immediately. Moreover, get plumbers, electrician etc. for your tenants so they can get the problem fixed.

  1. Noise

The chances of getting complaints from the neighbours or your tenants regarding noise are quite high. While you can definitely control the noise coming from your apartment, it is quite difficult to persuade someone else to lower the noise. Whether the students are hosting parties at your apartment or playing loud music, noise can be a nuisance to all.

Tip: If the noise complaints are coming from your apartment, ask the tenants to lower down the volume and be considerate about their neighbours. You can also add the clause of no parties and no loud music at odd hours in the rent agreement. If the problem still happens, you can evict them from the apartment. Do not hesitate to send them a verbal letter and filing a complaint with the concerned authority if your neighbours fail to keep the noise down.

  1. Cleanliness

Having messy tenants can be quite a headache for landlords. Plus the constant partying and keeping the flat messy gives more chances for pests to bombard the college student apartments as well as creates health issues.

Tip: Make sure you discuss how they can dispose of the garbage and keep a check on the tenants on a weekly basis and see if they are cleaning the apartment, if needed do not hesitate to tell them the repercussions of this problem.

  1. Frequent Partying

Although parties are a part of college culture and occasional parties can be considered as an exception. But frequent parties needs to be kept out of the picture.

Tip: Before you rent out your flat, ensure the tenants know where you have drawn the line as that can help you avoid any future problems. Also, make them aware of the fact that you can evict them or inform the police.

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