How to Find Worldwide Scholarships and Universities ?

0 230 is the world’s first and only global online search engine to find universities and scholarships. Its personalized matching system takes prospective students information, aspirations, and academic background, connecting them with the universities and scholarships around the world which best match their profile and goals.

Assaf gilad, CEO explains: Our goal is to make higher education accessible to everyone no matter where they come from or where they want go.

And, they really do so!   By consolidating over 2000,000 programs of study in over 192 countries and over 11,000 types of scholarships they created the biggest scholarships engine in the world.

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Why this scholarship search is different from fast web?

Assaf Gilad, CEO explains: while Fastweb, Cegg and Petersons are giving half data (i.e only colleges in the US) we give all data. We also match the students between scholarships and academic program in each university. My competitors are only giving catalog so students need to review each scholarship separately and to see if it fits them.

Scholargeek is unique because we give scholarship notification system that alerts the students when relevant scholarship is updated.

If you’re looking for the scholarships for college students, pay attention to the essay contest on ThePensters.

How does it Work

The prospective student enters in their academic aspirations, academic background, personal background, and desired academic life style.

Then, with the click of a button, Scholargeek system matches them with the universities and programs best fitting their needs. Scholargeek also take this information and match them with the scholarships and grants they qualify for.

Making Dreams a Reality

In addition to providing the world’s most powerful academic and scholarship search engine, Scholargeek also provide students with tools and information so they can fulfill their academic dreams Including: alerts and updates regarding the new programs or new scholarships relevant for the student, articles about, how to pay for their academic dreams, insider application advice, planning timelines, free expert chat, admission essay help, interactive courses online, and timed full-length practice tests, just to name a few.

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