Why Top Caribbean Medical Schools Provide Unique Study Options

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When you’re looking at medical schools, there is any number of options available. But if, like TV’s Dr. House, you prefer seeing unique cases and opportunities to delve into the truly unusual side of medicine, top Caribbean medical schools can give you options you may have never considered. If you’d rather spend your time diagnosing something other than the common cold, you might be interested in seeing what these schools truly have to offer.

  • Third-world experience closes to home. The Caribbean is home to a wide range of countries, from the opulent to the despondent. It’s also home to relatively open borders, where individuals move from island to island fairly easily. This provides you with the opportunity to study a number of conditions and illnesses that you wouldn’t see in most developed countries, all within a short distance of your home on campus.
  • Pressure-related illnesses. What do people love to do in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean? Scuba diving. Unlike many locations in the world, the Caribbean offers unique opportunities to explore pressure-related illnesses, providing you with a fresh perspective of many pressure-related illnesses and injuries.
  • Unique epidemiology. Prior to 2014, Ebola was considered a deadly but limited disease due to its tendency to burn through populations so quickly, until a Liberian man flew into Texas. The increasing population of our planet and the faster rate at which we travel means that experience in what were once considered novel illnesses can help improve your career outlook.
  • Traditional medicines. Researchers are finding new cures and treatments that have been buried in traditional medicines for generations, whether it’s a new herb that treats hormonal imbalances or plant compounds that provide new biological to treat cancer, digestive disorders or any number of other illnesses. Because of the native cultures that have lived in the region for centuries, new opportunities for research abound.

By choosing to continue your education through top Caribbean medical schools, you have the opportunity to see truly unique cases that will help to greatly expand your experience and broaden your horizons when compared to traditional medical schools. Even better, you’ll gain this experience to help further your future career before you walk graduation. But which top school should you consider? Trinity School of Medicine is a top-tier Caribbean school that combines small class sizes and a significantly higher level of clinical experience than many others. Why not contact us today to discover what’s waiting for you.

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