The Best Time To Become A Certified Divorce Coach

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You probably noticed that weddings are pretty popular around this time of year. Typically in this country, June, August, September and even October are quite popular months for weddings. December may seem a little weird but it’s one of the off-seasonal months that’s slowly becoming more popular for weddings as well.

December’s sort of an anomaly when considering that January, February, and March are the least popular months to wed. It’s often just as cold, grey, and dreary of a month, except it has a ‘holly, jolly’ holiday that makes people feel good.

The good news for those looking for wedding bargains is that you can probably find great deals for virtually every aspect of the wedding if you’re booking in the least popular months.

Sounds great, right? But you’re interested in becoming a Certified Divorce Coach, and you’d rather know the best time to do so. What if the best time is right now?

Divorce Coach

January and February may be slow for weddings, but they are the prime months for filing divorces. New years provide opportunity to some for a fresh start. And not many couples want to spend one more Valentine’s Day with their significant other when serious consideration of divorce is already in mind.

So why would right now be the best time to become a Certified Divorce Coach?

First, while January and February may be popular divorce months, the court proceedings don’t always start immediately. It can take months after divorce filings for the courtroom to have time to go through the process.

Of course, it also takes time to become a Certified Divorce Coach, as well. Filling out the paperwork and filing everything you need to become Certified takes time too, and doing so now can help you get ready for the next prime divorce months.

Becoming a Certified Divorce Coach is a great profession to follow if you like to help people in times of need. And in divorce coaching, people need help yearly. So if you’ve considered becoming a Certified Divorce Coach, now is the time to follow your heart.

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