Common Goals for Every Chemistry Tutor in Singapore

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Being a Chemistry tutor can be very difficult and challenging at times. You will have to deal with different types of students and focus on each of their areas for improvement. There can only be one particular area of struggle, or there may be many. The situation does differ a lot and everything is done on a case to case basis. But no matter the situation, each Chemistry tutor in Singapore has some common goals. These are the things that they all want to achieve for their students and even for themselves for them to say they have been successful. Let’s take a look:

Make Sure The Student Understand

The job of a teacher in a regular school is to teach the students to the best of his ability. We must bear in mind though that teachers have limited time and resources. It is not physically possible for them to make sure that every single one of their students have understood every single lesson. This is where a tutor comes in. A tutor’s goal is to make sure that each student has understood each topic before they move on to the next. A tutor’s job is not just to explain, but to make sure that the student has received the information properly and has understood it completely.

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Teach The Student How To Answer

Most schools provide their teachers with a guideline that they need to follow when checking the answers of students. This is very hard for Chemistry students because even if they understand the concept, if they didn’t answer the right way, they will not get full marks. Tutors are aware of this problem and so it is one of their goals to make sure that each student knows how to answer using the correct structure. This may sound a bit unfair. If a student understands the concept, he should get full marks, right? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. So it is a tutor’s goal to help students with this.

Change The Student’s Mindset

One of the most common goals of every Chemistry tutor in Singapore is to be able to change the students’ mindset about Chemistry. If a student is not doing so good at a subject, it is natural for them to hate it. When they hate a subject, it is more likely that they won’t do good at it. This becomes a vicious cycle. For a tutor, being able to show a student that Chemistry can be fun and exciting is one of their best motivators. Aside from just how the student perceives Chemistry, a tutor also works towards changing how the student thinks of himself in relation to the subject. If a student believes that he is truly bad at Chemistry, the tutor will then work to shift that belief and make the student believe in himself.

Make Things As Easy As Possible

A Chemistry tutor also wants to make learning and getting good grades as easily as possible for students. The tutor can impart strategies and techniques to make studying, memorizing and understanding easier. This makes things better for the tutor as well, because the student’s success is the tutor’s success.

Support And Encourage Students

One of the most important goals of a tutor is to make sure to show the students that they are supported in their learning. If a student feels that he does not have any support, he will lose his motivation to study and try harder. This will of course lead him to get even worse at Chemistry. A tutor will encourage the student and show him that his struggles are normal. This type of support will go a long way in driving the student to try his best every single time.

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