Which tablets are perfect for students?

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Think about your purchase of a tablet before you run out and buy one. Even with all the hype, they are not ideal learning tools. Make sure that you are not just jumping on the bandwagon, as a good PC or laptop is going to be more useable during your studies. Here is a look at which tablets are going to be the best for students, so that you may find your perfect tablet.

Most E-Readers are perfect for students

You may be tempted to think of the Amazon Kindle E-reader to start with, since they seem to have made e-readers popular since the arrival of the kindle. But, have a look online at the reviews and you will see that the Kindle does not last very long. It has a habit of suddenly stopping or freezing and never working again. The most recent versions of the kindle may be a little better, but you should really read quite a few online reviews before making your decision.

Does that mean you should try other e-readers?

It means that as a consumer you should seriously consider alternatives to the Kindle. But, do not forget that other models have their own problems too. For example, a screen that goes yellow over time seems to be a common problem. If you want to find out which ones do that, then keep an eye on eBay. Look for second hand tablets where the seller has admitted that the screen has got a bit of a yellow tinge to it.

Other e-readers are simply not very good. A common problem is the backlight, as many people find that they need a very bright digital screen in order to read the text more comfortably. Another problem is the lack of sufficient clarity. If the text does not have a very distinct and full focus to it, then it can become more difficult to read from. And, since you are going to struggle to read from an e-reader more than you do from a book, it is a good idea to look for reviews that do not complain about a lack of focus or clarity.

Do not believe positive reviews when looking for tablet reviews

It is very common for tablet producers to hire marketing companies to create a good buzz about their tablets online. These marketing companies will litter the Internet with fake and paid reviews of the tablet, which basically means that you can only trust a positive online review if it comes from someone you know personally. If you are looking for online reviews, then pay more attention to the negative ones than you do the positive ones.

How does the expensive iPad feature in the equation?

The producers of the iPad at Apple have always tried to target the business community as well as private citizens. This has lead to a nice crossover where business tools may be used by students.

If you are looking for the best argument for a tablet device from Apple, then the best one you will find it is the range of apps they have available. It is true that there are fewer apps for the iPad than there are for the iPhone but that means very little when you consider the fact that there are literarily hundreds of thousands of apps available.

You can have your iPad photograph and warp a picture of your face, and then turn it over and use it as a mini piano. If you cannot use at least a few thousand of the iPad apps available online for studying and learning purposes, then the problem lays with you not them. Because, there are literally thousands of apps dedicated to education, learning and studying.

Would a cheaper second hand iPad suit a student better?

If you are a student or the parent of a student, then ask yourself if a second hand tablet would be better. The iPad is known for decreasing massively in value once the next one appears on the scene. Plus, if you think about it, your child is going to own a second hand iPad just a few months after buying the new one, since the one you bought would be sold on as second hand at that point. So, why bother spending money on a brand new one?

What about a laptop that converts into a tablet?

There are tablets such as the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity that goes from a laptop to a tablet. Let’s face it, a student is going to need a PC more than he or she needs a tablet. A laptop is often the choice of students because it is more mobile. So, why not make the sensible decision and buy a laptop that is also a tablet. In many senses, it would make the perfect tablet device because it is more than just a tablet.

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