Best Organization Apps for College Students

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Today’s college students are no strangers to computer applications and most have many apps for their computers, mobile devices, and smartphones. As a college student, you have a lot of new responsibilities to take care of on your own. Just like websites like help you get your dorm room organized and offer digital back up plans, other applications can help you get organized in other ways. This article covers some of the best organization apps for college students. These applications will help with studying, keeping organized, safe, secure, and back up all their data as well.


Evernote is one of the most popular applications out there today. It is not just for college students, but the features of it can really help students stay organized and in sync throughout your college career. Once you get used to Evernote, it is certain to grow with you and will likely be a useful tool throughout your work career as well. Evernote is a free download and is available on Apple, Android, and Windows. You can download it on multiple devices and it is compatible with all operating systems. Evernote’s main features are:

  • Synching data between your computer and all mobile devices.
  • Organizes all of your information.
  • Keeps your schedule on a calendar and sends you reminders and alerts for events and appointments.
  • Saves webpages you have visited; a great study tool for referencing sources and recalling information.
  • Collects information and data as part of your research projects.
  • Has a collaboration function for group projects.

Evernote Peek:

Evernote Peek is a separate application made by the developers of Evernote and is currently available on Apple devices. This student-friendly application takes your study notes and turns it into a quiz to help test yourself and be prepared for the real exam.

School Helper:

This application is designed specifically for students to help them keep activities, calendars, assignments, projects and homework organized in one place.  The app does not just organize your schedule and activities; it also has alerts and reminders to keep you on task. The features allow you a great deal of customization, including prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and keeping notes.  The application allows you to enter grades and it will calculate the averages for you.


This is another application designed specifically for students as a study aide. It makes studying and research much easier because it saves and organizes all of your digital reading, web pages, PDFs, video files, snapshots, and internet searches. It stores everything in your personal library within the application.  This is significant because once you store the information; you can then use it for crediting and adding to assignments so that you can properly credit your sources. Zotero is a free desk top application and is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. The download is a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.


This application helps college students learn how to manage money and finances through experience.  Once you start using Mint to manage your finances, you will see it is not just for college students but can help adults and families with their budgets and spending too. The way that it works is by charting your spending, bills, and payments and allows you to customize it by setting savings goals and budgets. Mint is free and available for download on both Apple and Android devices and operating systems.


This is an application and a savings account in one. It can be for anyone, not just students, but is especially helpful for learning to save your money, especially for large purchases. Your savings earn a 1% interest rate and the application features show you budgeting and outline your spending and expenses for you. SmartyPig is also testing out an interesting new feature that incorporates earning reward points for purchases made through the app. SmartyPig is free and available on both Android and iPhone devices.


College campuses all over the country have representatives from credit card companies on campus all the time offering students credit cards as soon as they reach 18 years old and are legally allowed to have a credit card. However, this newfound spending limit often causes problems for students . New applications now help you manage all of your bills, payments, spending, and debt. Bill Guard does all these but also protects you against fraudulent and unwanted charges.

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