Sponsoring a Child- Playing Your Part for a Better Future

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Many people look to make donations to charities on a monthly basis. Governments also encourage donations by offering tax credits and exemptions. However, as a responsible citizen, if you are looking to donate some money and feel that you can continue making donations on a consistent basis, you should think about sponsoring a child. Child sponsorships are offered by a number of different charities and organisations. These charities work with a number of private institutions and organisations in order to get support and subsidised products for children who can’t fend for themselves.

Poverty is a major issue in the world of today. For children who are born in poverty, they can’t do much about it. It’s not the child’s fault that he/ she was born into a poor family. However, in order to eradicate poverty and give every child an equal chance at life, many organisations have begun taking a number of admirable steps. Obviously, charities are supported by their donors. That is why you should think about sponsoring a child too. Here’s how the system works:

Select a Charity

If you want to sponsor a child with Child Fund, the first step is to select a charity. There are many charities in New Zealand that offer child sponsorships. Most charities in New Zealand don’t only work with children from within the country, but also focus their efforts abroad in poverty-stricken countries.

Make sure the charity you work with has been approved by the government. Government approved charities are audited on an annual basis, and their income and expenditure reports are also released on a quarterly basis. This way, you will have assurance that the donations are actually being used for the betterment of the children. There have been a lot of scams in the past where the money for donations was being used for other purposes. As a result, governments have become very strict.

What Do They Offer?

Most charities use the money that you donate for providing the essential requirements of life to children. There are some places in the world where children don’t even have access to healthy food and water. The money that you donate will be used for providing such essential requirements, and then for providing quality healthcare and education. The annual reports usually include details about where the money was used, and how the organisation was able to help. They just require a fixed amount as a donation on a monthly basis in order to help a child.

You Can Even Visit These Places

What if you want to see whether the money you are donating is actually making a difference or not? Most charities are often willing to arrange trips in order to build a sense of community amongst the children and help them develop. All you have to do is put in a request that you will like to visit the children, and the organisation will arrange a trip for you. This way, you will be able to foster friendly relationships with the children too!

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