How to prepare for CAT

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The best institutes for doing MBA in India come under the IIMs. IIM-I has now introduced some major changes to the CAT examination pattern  2015. All the information related to the new exam pattern as well as the examination dates can be found at the website of Byju’s classes. To get the complete information regarding the details you can refer to the website of Byju’s classes. IIM Indore has declared some major changes to the examination pattern of CAT 2015. This has been done to make it more appropriate for the aspirants who will be taking up the CAT 2015.

If you have gone through the CAT exam formats then you will know that there are many questions and you need to complete all the questions in very little time. But most of the CAT coaching institutions that are there have materials that are going on for years and they do not differentiate content based on time. But the material that is provided to you by Byju’s classes has a lot of tips and tricks that help you to save time when you are solving any question. All these tips and tricks are provided by their experienced trainers. Not only that but when you join Byju’s classes they also provide you with a Samsung Tab. This tab has all their classroom videos already loaded into it. This is so that you can access all these videos at any time and from any place. All these videos complete the entire CAT syllabus.

To crack the CAT not only do you need expert guidance but you also need materials for self study so that you can practice at your own time. Most institutes provide you with coaching but none of them provide you with any material with which you can do self study with your own place. Byju’s classes also provides you with after class materials so that you can go home and then also practice what you have learnt in the classroom.

Byju’s classes provides you with three different phases for guiding you according to the CAT syllabus. The first phase consists of concept sessions, the second phase consists of advanced workshops and the third phase consists of pattern workshops. The first phase that has the concept sessions is designed in such a way that they cover all the topics and they start with the basics. Their goal is to not only solve the problem but also focus on the concepts that will be applied to solve the problem. The second phase that has the advanced workshops are designed so that they are able to provide you with tips and tricks so that there are different techniques to solve a problem which they now do from an advanced level. The pattern workshops solve the previous year’s CAT papers. This helps you to be prepared for the CAT syllabus.

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