Role of Augmented Reality in Learning

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Nowadays, everyone is aware of the fact that learning gets better with creative interactions. Classroom teachings alone will not boost the creative scope of thoughts in students. Thanks to the emerging technology of Augmented Reality that has completely transformed the way of learning. In simple words, Augmented Reality can be explained as the digitally enhanced perception of the real world, things, phenomena, and theories. Visualization of concepts is required for better understanding and long retention. Augmented Reality can help students to interact with 3D visuals and get involved with objects in a digital interface, similar to the real world interactions. With Augmented reality, the educators can unlock different layers of digital information that can be viewed effortlessly through mobile devices. This is why one of the pioneers in the field of education BYJU’S the Learning App has designed their course materials in a way that even the toughest topics could be grasped in an exciting manner. With thorough understanding of basic concepts, the related questions could be answered quite easily. Let’s find out few reasons supporting the role of augmented reality in the field of Learning.

Great Retention Power – With an easy scan, you can quickly access modules designed with augmented technology. The students can also refer to several other useful resources within the augmented app to grab additional information on the concepts. This provides a complete learning experience helping the learners to retain those concepts for long.

High Portability – The prototypes, Physical models, and illustrations are very expensive. That’s why most of the schools and coaching institutes don’t utilize these methods to teach students. However, with this technology, you do not have to spend on physical materials. Using mobile devices, the students can easily access the study material anytime and anywhere.

Interactive Learning Modules – The students can get a better understanding of the concepts with ease.  Visualization is the best way to support the student’s learning. It is a better way to boost interest among students and strengthen concepts they have been studying in class lectures.

Intellectual Curiosity – Introducing augmented technology will offer more excitement among students. Being a part of the digital era, the students can be stimulated with augmented reality enabling them to think critically about the world around them.

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