Private Tutoring for the GCSE Examinations

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The GCSE examination is a very important time for any student, and a good pass mark is essential for those who wish to move onto further education. The GCSE examinations are the foundations for the A-Level courses you would take in years 11 and 12, and the best way to ensure a good pass mark is to bolster your knowledge with private tuition.

Weak Subjects

We all have subjects that we excel in, and also most students have at least 2 or 3 subjects that they have difficulty with, and with local tutors in Enfield, you can book yourself into a course just prior to sitting the GCSE test, which should at least ensure a pass, or maybe even a good grade. Here are a few of the subjects that students commonly have trouble with:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Biology
  3. Physics
  4. Statistics
  5. Applied Mathematics

    About 6 months prior to the GCSE exams, you can book courses for your weaker subjects, and two or three times a week, you can review the aspects that are unclear, and this will be fresh in your mind when the real thing comes along.

    One cannot overemphasise the importance of the GCSE standard, and in order to study at A-Level, you do need a decent score in the GCSE examination. It is quite common for a student to have to make changes to their career goals because they didn’t quite make the grade with the GCSE exams, and by making preparations for extra tuition, you are ensuring success at the entry level, which will stand you in good stead when you go for your A-Levels.


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