A Guide to Sourcing the Right Nursery

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Your choice of nursery school is a critical one in many respects, as this will be your child’s first real introduction into the outside world. At the age of around 3 years, your child is ready to expand their horizons, and if you are a working mum, it also gives you the chance to return to your career.

Explore the Local Options

Looking for a quality nursery in Aberdeen should begin with an online search, which should give you a list of local nurseries, from which you can begin to narrow down the search to one or two institutions. Things to look for include the following:

  • Caring Staff
  • Indoor and Outdoor Facilities
  • The Right Program – A balance of activities that stimulate your child in every area.
  • Secure facility – CCTV and Access Control

A Balanced Curriculum

At an early age, children need to be stimulated in the right way, with imagination and creativity encouraged in all forms. Lots of storytelling, combined with the opportunity to engage in creative activities, and mixing with other children will develop essential social skills.

Paying a Visit

Once you have shortlisted a few potential learning centres, the next step is to pat them a visit (without your child). This will give you an opportunity to observe the day to day activities, and by talking to the staff, you will soon understand their values and goals they have for the kids.

Once you have made your choice, take your child for an informal visit, which will make the transition a little easier, and the first day will not seem quite so daunting for your child.

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