How much does a Pharmacy Technician in USA Earn? – Learn more about the Qualification, Career Growth and Job Description

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Becoming a pharmacy technician is a very interesting career path, and it is one that many people choose when they are looking to make the step into the professional world. While it is not the most glamorous or exciting profession in the world, it does provide employed individuals with a good salary and stable job outlook. In fact, many would say professions such as pharmacy technicians are growing every year, with our population getting older and sicker by the year!

In terms of the qualifications necessary, it is important for a pharmacy technician to get a license depending on the state where they live and want to work. More info on licensing is available here, and you can read about the licensing requirements specific to your state. In most cases, the requirements consist of taking a course, passing the work provided by your instructor and excelling in the examination to obtain the certificate. When you have your certificate, you are free to practice as a pharmacy technician and work anywhere in your state. If you are planning on moving to another state, you may have to get another certificate for where you are moving.

Pharmacy Technician

But what do pharmacy technicians do on a daily basis? The truth is their job is very varied. It really depends on where they are working and how the day is going. A pharmacy technician may be asked to receive prescriptions, fill them out, answer the phone, update the profile of each customer who comes to the pharmacy, accept payment, profess the payment and deal with inventory. Some pharmacies have more than one person working at all times, which means you can share the responsibilities and load with your colleague(s). Different technicians are better at different tasks, which means you can always figure out what you want to do based on your skillset and those of your colleagues.

But some technicians also work at hospitals, where they have to perform slightly different roles. Aside from the work that all pharmacy technicians perform, those working at hospitals must also prepackage medications, make sure any hazardous materials are handled in the appropriate way, and counsel patients when they are being discharged from the hospital. Some technicians like to get a taste of working in both environments before they make a final decision about where they want to work in the long term.

The salary for most pharmacy technicians stands at around $20,000 per year as a median salary. But if you are living in a larger city, you can expect to earn substantially more. Technicians are usually promoted when they spend a few years at a retail pharmacy, which also triggers increases in their salary.

For those who work at hospitals, the pay is more. They can earn anywhere from $35,000 to $40,000 a year, given the fact that they have a busier job and are expected to perform a wider range of duties. But the specific salary you earn will depend on your location and the type of hospital you work at.


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