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Is your child applying to college this coming year? Visit Admitopia as a great resource.

Admitopia_logoThe choice of which college to apply to can be quite complicated. There are so many universities that are out there which is the best choice for your child?  You need to ask yourself what resources are available to help your child make the right decision. Admitopia is an amazing website with thousands of contributing writers. They provide a platform where high school students can connect with college students to speak about what a given college is really like. Admitopia also enables high school students to create a unique personalized profile that highlights their accomplishments. They can list they GPA, SAT, ACT scores, and more!

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The reason for the high school students to create their online profile is that they can get noticed by admissions counselors. This also helps the the high school student find colleges that would be a good match yet they would have never known about had they not created their on line profile. Admitpia is also a good destination for getting an unique perspective on what a given university is truly like. This is because they offer a matchmaking like service where you are getting to talk to a student that is currently attending your dream school of choice.

This offers a unique experience for the high school student rather than just reading anonymous reviews online. What also makes Admitopia unique is their network of contributing writers. They provide a lot of career advice on many different topics. They have many different resources such as blogs, guest, ebooks, info-graphics and more. Admitopia also offers the parent an opportunity to book a a session with a college admissions consultant.

This admissions consultant can give the parent a good snapshot of what colleges would be relevant for their child to apply to. This can save the family a lot of time and money versus thinking about schools that their child should consider. This is especially a valuable service considering that there are over +5000 colleges across the county. The admissions consultant can give the parent a good understanding of when to take the SAT’s and give their child a gameplan before deadlines that are coming up. Many families do not realize the importance of the personal statement. A good personal statement can separate them from other applicants.

Admitopia has editors that can help your child with spelling and grammar. The editor can also give your child feedback on their essay. In other words what areas they are strong or weak in. Then provide unique personalized advice on how to improve it. Admitopia also gives your child access to a their network of SAT tutors. Without working with a college admissions consulting service that Admitopia provides mainly families are left to take on all these tasks themselves. This can be an overwhelming for anyone. Let Admitopia help your child during the entire college admissions process. There pricing is quite reasonable.  There is no reason that you should think that you need to take on this entire task by yourself.

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