Learning Architectural Drafting

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All buildings require that there must be drawings made before anything can be built. This means that someone with knowledge of architectural drafting must make floor plans for that building or house with floor plan software. Normally, an architect would do this, but it may not be necessary for you to use an architect. Many smaller communities and rural areas do not require that an architect draw your house plan for you. By learning architectural drafting yourself, you could save a lot of money.

By knowing how to do your own architectural drafting, you have much greater liberty to carefully think about your projects, too. There is no commitment to an architect – you can change your plans when you want to, or even scrap them altogether and start over again.

Architectural Drafting
Tim Davis is the creator of a whole series of Drafting Courses. These are courses designed to teach students how to draw complete and submittable drawings of Architectural House Plans at http://homedesign.8m.com

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