Almost everything you need to know about the CTLLS course

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Individuals that are interested in furthering their teaching career (especially those looking to become lifelong teachers in the adult education world) are going to have to move through the Certificate of Teaching in the Lifelong Sector (CTLLS Course) process.

A relatively simple and straightforward process that begins at “Level IV”, teachers are going to have to move through the first three levels of the certification process before they’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of this course and program.

Teachers will begin with the PTLLS Level I program (a program that establishes roles, responsibilities, and relationships in lifelong teaching and learning careers), and then move up the ladder (so to speak) until they get into the more advanced portions of the coursework.

All of these certifications are necessary for teachers in the United Kingdom that hope to continue to take advantage of advancement opportunities in the teaching community.

Breaking down the structure of the CTLLS coursework

As mentioned above, there are a number of progressive levels that teachers will have to work through to achieve their final certification in the career of lifelong teaching. As of right now, there are nine different levels, with teachers having the opportunity to take advantage of as many courses as they’d like to achieve and unlock different opportunities in their teaching career.

Each of the first four “levels” are worth three credits, with the next four levels worth four credits of peace – and the final level (level IX) being worth 15 credits.

As far as the CTLLS Level for certification is concerned, however, it has been phased out as of January 2014, and instead replaced with the Certificate in Education and Training. However, the other eight levels are still in place as they have been cents this process of certification was established.

Taking advantage of the CTLLS to further your teaching career

The overwhelming majority of teachers that decide to move through this course are going to be able to complete the entirety of the program within 158 hours – provided that they are aggressive in the examinations and really dedicated to moving through the process as quickly as reasonably possible.

Most students take advantage of their own personal time to learn even more about the different courses, and (on average) spend anywhere between 100 and 120 extra hours as part of their own independent research process.

From start to finish, the entire course should take about 10 weeks – though it’s possible to extend the entire process out up to 20 weeks for those that aren’t in a hurry. The focus of this certification is to produce professional teachers that are constantly looking for ways to improve in the career field that they have chosen for themselves.

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