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What is the main reason for students to slog numerous hours, being buried under books and having our lives crippled by exams? Is it only to gather knowledge, and be groomed to be a conversant individual, or simply earn a degree to be able to show it off on the wall? No, the main reason we spent the initial years of our lives getting educated is to finally be able to land a job with a lucrative salary package.

So to inform fresher who are still new in the working world and do not know where to start, we have put up a brief discussion about the most top paying jobs in the country currently. So, that you know exactly where to start looking.

best paying jobs

The best paid jobs for fresher’s currently: KPOs

A great news for those planning to enter the industry of analytics. Because while n that process you may just stumble upon one of the best paying jobs in the market for fresher in the field of IT and ITeS.

As per a recent study, on the salaries and placements in this analytics field, the starting salary of an individual is around 5.6 Lakhs annually.

Also the report by Jigsaw academy on analytics placement and pay scale of 2013, stated that individuals employed in this industry based in Bangalore are one of the highest paid in the country with each making up to 11.49 Lakhs rupees per year. And as per the report this pay grade is only second to the KPO employees from Mumbai where the salary is much higher and is increasing steadily.

The BPO sector is steadily branching out to other Asian countries, like China and Philippines. But the KPO industry as per market experts’ suggestion requires certain key skills that are hard to find in such countries as of now. Especially fluency in English language is a great advantage for people in India which is one of the main reasons why this industry is flourishing here. These high pay scales are therefore a strategy to make sure retention. The earnings of employees, from the directorial level, to manager, to mid-level varies from an amount of INR 10 Lakhs, to INR 22 Lakhs and up to INR 26 Lakhs annually as per current statistics.

But the analytics firms that offer a high amount of growth opportunities to its employees, initially pay a lower salary rate of about INR 4.5 Lakh annually to start-up position candidates while pay INR 16 Lakh in the beginning to directorial personnel.

As said by Bhaskar Gupta of Analytics India Magazine, “In India, the ordinary domains served in analytics were BFSI, retail and utilities like energy, telecom and oil which emphasize the significance of these skills from the employment process in itself”.

Other than the KPO industry, there are other sectors as well which pay a good bill to freshers in comparison to any other job in the market.

Jobs for Fresher with highest salaries:

  • Aviation industry: this is a fast growing sector in the country currently and offers a variety of job roles for different candidates. But the top bill is still paid to commercial pilots and flight/airhostess or steward. The main job role of a commercial pilot is to conduct a flight for transferring cargo, or to transport passengers. Other flying the plane, a pilot typically has several other duties to fulfill on the plane, like for instance inspecting the proper working of flight systems before the takeoff of the plane, selecting appropriate speed, route or altitude which determines the safety of the passengers, cargo and the flight itself, and also co-coordinating effectively with the ground crew to ensure safe journey.
  • Airhostesses are required to take care of the passengers and to attend to their every need. They also have to make sure that all the emergency equipments are in order in the plane before the flight and also are required to check the proper supply of food, beverages, blankets, pillows and snacks etc. on the flight. Other duties include checking the tickets of passengers, helping them with seats and informing them about safety protocols in-flight.
  • The pay scale for commercial pilots upon joining usually ranges from INR 1 Lakhs to INR 3 Lakhs per month. Those with experience in international routes can get up to INR 5 to INR 7 Lakhs per month.
  • As for airhostess and stewardess, the initial salaries for fresh candidates are usually 18,000 to 30,000 per month depending upon the employing company. But with increase in experience the salary goes up to INR 70,000 to 80,000. In case of International Airline companies the initial pay scale is much higher and ranges up to INR 3 to 5 Lakhs annually.

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