Effective Ways To Help Struggling Young Students

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Our experience of education as a child can profoundly affect our view of it as an adult. Many adults who felt unsupported in their schooling as children report a reluctance to engage with education as an adult. Many others who felt that schooling was a positive environment report that they continued their education. This might have been either formally or informally. If a child begins to struggle at school, it can be important to act quickly. Not only will it benefit his or her education in the long-run, but it can also prevent damage from becoming emotional and psychological. Feeling “stupid” or slower than our peers can be hugely damaging to self-esteem. The self-esteem of children and young people is especially fragile, and so steps should be taken to repair it. If your child or another young student has begun to struggle, browse the list below for ways to begin tackling it.

Identify The Problem

It is only possible to come up with an appropriate solution if we have correctly identified the problem. A student may be struggling because work is too challenging. This is a different position from one who is struggling because they have too many outside commitments, for example. It is important to carefully identify what the problem is and how it may have started. Communicate with the student. Perhaps encourage them to write a list of things they like about school and things they do not. From here, you may be able to tell whether they dislike school because they feel they are falling behind, for example. Some students may appear to be struggling but they are actually just becoming bored and not feeling challenged. All problems require a specific, tailor-made solution.

Rest and Reassurance

It is important to let a struggling student know that they are not alone. You should try to reassure them that all students struggle from time to time and this doesn’t make them “dumb”. Let them know that talking about a problem and trying to address it shows their maturity and intelligence. Many students can quickly become overworked. Before settling on a solution and put it into practise, ensure that they are getting adequate rest.

Seek Some Professional Help

Professional advice and support can come in many forms. There may be support available at school itself or we can arrange for in home tutors. This can help students to catch up or address any areas of confusion. Many schools are overcrowded, so teachers can unfortunately be unable to address concerns as they arise. Tutors can devote more time to the development of individuals.

Make It Fun Again

Education should ultimately be fun, empowering and rewarding. After a bad experience or a blow to their confidence, it can be hard for students to return to working. Incentives, rewards, and praise for good work can be a positive addition to the routine. Fostering a sense of accomplishment when work is completed can be a great lifelong habit to encourage in a young student.

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