How to Choose the Best Coaching Institute

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Indian students

Every year, 5 million Indian students give entrance exams like the IIT JEE, AIPMT, CAT, Bank PO, GMAT, GRE, etc. Due to the intense nature of the competition and few top tier quality colleges, there is a lot of competition. Coaching institutes are thus crucial since they hone students for the big entrance exams.

However, it can be very intimidating to choose the best coaching institute. There are thousands of coaching institutes in cities in Delhi & Mumbai. They all make similar claims about sure shot success and as such, choosing a coaching institute becomes a very difficult & confusing decision.

We have compiled a list of 7 important parameters to keep in mind when choosing the best coaching institute.


Pick a coaching center within 30 minutes of travel time from your home. You don’t want to spend hours every day just commuting to the coaching institute. In case you do have to go to a center far away, be sure it’s well connected via public transport.

Take a Demo Class

Most coaching institutes offer demo classes before asking you to sign up. Be sure to take them to ensure the teaching style of the coaching institute suits you.

Fees & Scholarships

Everybody has a different budget. Choose a coaching institute that suits your pocket. Some of the best centers are expensive, so be on the lookout for scholarships they offer based on Class 12 & college marks. You can use Coaching Adda to search for fees & scholarship details of coaching institutes.


Air Conditioned classrooms have become a norm in coaching institutes, but still make sure that your coaching institute has them. You don’t want sweat it out while you’re trying to concentrate. Depending on your requirements, you may also want to check if they offer transport facilities.

2 lac students give the CAT every year to make it to the top MBA institutes, like IIM Kozikhode pictured above

Batch Size

Make sure the batch sizes are reasonable, so that your instructor can give you proper attention and address your individual doubts. In large batches, it is very hard to get your queries addressed.

Study Material & Practice Tests

Be sure that your coaching institute provides you comprehensive study material as well as plenty of mock tests. It is crucial to practice via mock tests, as in the case of competitive exams like IIT JEE & CAT, practice really does make best. Bigger chains such as Aakash, FIITJEE and TIME also offer online study material so that you can study on the go.


Faculty is the most important asset for a coaching institute. Be sure to do proper research on faculty before choosing a center. You’ll want IIT/NIT/Ph.D alumni for faculty as they know what it takes to get into top tier institutes.

Track Record

Analyze the track record of the coaching institute to see how well their past students have fared. The past track record is the most objective & meaningful metric by which one should evaluate coaching institutes.


There is no one best coaching institute for you. Choose the coaching institute that suits your personalized needs- location, budget, faculty or facilities (Protip- Use Coaching Adda– Find the best Coaching Institutes & Tutors). Remember that the coaching institute is just a facilitator. At the end of day, you have to put in the hard work. Hope you make it to the institute of your dreams.

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