Career Prospects: CCNP Security Training

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The CCNP Security certification holds immense value and benefits for an networking professional. The following article talks about the advantages associated with being Cisco certified, and how a CCNP security certification help an IT professional enhance his/ her career. Read on.

CCNP security trained and certified professionals are in huge demand globally, and the rising network security concerns are what’s fueling the demand. That said, the career prospects of CCNP security training in particular, are significant. In fact, any Cisco training can be a significant value addition to an IT professional’s credentials, making him/ her stand out.

As networks continue to evolve into complex arrays of systems and deices, Cisco products and services have grown to become the leading choice for streamlining and protecting businesses worldwide. As such, getting trained in any of the Cisco products can be highly lucrative. So, a Cisco training helps networking professionals demonstrate:

  • In-depth knowledge of building effective workforce
  • Improved quality, depth and speed of customer interactions
  • Reduced errors
  • Increased productivity

The Cisco CCNP security training in particular holds immense value in imparting the knowledge and skills needed to manage and oversee the security of Cisco network infrastructures. The training can be immensely valuable in getting the hands-on training on using the Cisco products and security tools as well as preparing for the CCNP security certification exam.

The Cisco Certified network Professional (CCNP) Security training is aligned with the job role of a Cisco Network Security Engineer, who is responsible for the overseeing security in Cisco networks and devices such as routers and switches. The CCNP training is aimed at imparting the skills and knowledge needed for choosing deploying, troubleshooting and managing IDS/ IPS solutions, VPNs and Firewalls for Cisco networking environments.

Undertaking the CCNP security training can offer major advantages in a networking professional’s career.

Career prospects of CCNP security course

  • Get Recognized – Employers across the world are of the opinion that certified IT professionals mean:
    • Increase productivity,
    • Reduce costs associated with bridging the skill gaps that can otherwise exit,
    • Increase customer satisfaction because of better servicing abilities
    • Increased return on investment (ROI)

Hence, a CCNP security certification will help you get noticed with the right employers.

  • Better Opportunities – The CCNP certification will open up a world of employment opportunities for you. This is because there’s a huge demand for CCNP trained and certified individuals.
  • Higher Pay Packages – This benefit is actually connected with the above point. Since the demand for CCNP certified individuals far outweighs the availability, the remunerations and perks associated with the profile is also attractive. CCNP security certified individuals are among the highest paid in the industry.
  • Faster Career Growth – The CCNP certification can help accelerate the career path of a networking professional. It will also open avenues for further specialized certifications such as the Cisco Certified Internet Security Engineer (CCIE).

Conclusively, a CCNP security raining can be of immense value if you have experience working with Cisco products, and have a thing for security.

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